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Bored? We've got a super fun (free!) horse game right this way!

Raise your hand if you are stuck at home. Oh, everyone? Now raise your hand if you love horses, fantasy worlds and fabulous female sheroes. Still everyone? Yay! Then do what we did and check out Star Stable—a multiplayer online role-playing game that's *all* about girl power. 

Read on then get ready to discover Star Stable's magical world of Jorvik (with a stunning, customized horse as your ride, ofc) thanks to an offer exclusive to GL girls: That's right, click HERE for one month of FREE fun!


Get ready for unstoppable adventure, riveting mystery and an online universe you can't help but explore incessantly. Create your character with the lewk, 'fit and even a name you love (we went with Jessamine Potatostrong). Next, do the same for your horse (nice to meet ya, Nightbreeze). One simple download then you are ready to enter Jorvik. 

Your task?  Solve never-ending quests, care for your horse and connect with your friends (and their own amaze characters). The mysteries just keep on coming, so you *have* to stay tuned to everything that's happening. 


Curl up with this fascinating read that takes you even deeper into the magic of Jorvik as you get lost in the adventures of the Soul Riders—Lisa, Alex, Linda and Anne.

In the story, they've been chosen by destiny to save the world from an ancient demon and his band of Dark Riders. Their ups, downs and adventures are thrilling from beginning to end. It's the first book in a brand new trilogy that you're *totally* going to want to lose yourself in.

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Press play on the brand new Soul Riders music vid from Lisa Peterson. Our fave lyrics: Sometimes it's hard, life breaks your heart / But when I fall you always catch me. Send it to your bestie to remind her how much she means to you...or just jam out and sing along on your own. 

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by Katherine Hammer | 3/20/2020