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How Animal Crossing became the top #QuarantineGame

With many people stuck inside for the next few weeks, the Internet has turned to one game to stay entertained: Animal Crossing New Horizons. Why have so many people become obsessed with this game? We turned to social media to find out...

You can time travel so that achievements can be reached sooner, meaning you'll always have something new to explore.

You can customize your island to match your personality. There are tons of items to craft and endless possible combinations. You can spend days crafting, rearranging and showing off your island creation.

You can sell items to your friends to get more bells. More bells means more crafting, and more crafting means more fun!

The game is full of funny moments and exciting adventures. When you least expect it, Animal Crossing will give you a laugh and a distraction, which is something everyone could use right now.

Have you been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons? Let us know!

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by Taylor Dove | 3/30/2020