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Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club trailer is *finally* out. Yep, we're obsessed, too

Looking for a totally *adorbs* way to brighten your day? Look no further and tune into the brand-new trailer for The Baby-Sitter's Club on Netflix. 

That's right! On July 3, the streaming service is giving us the gift of a super-cute, '90s vibes summer with 10 episodes featuring the adventures of Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory and Jessi.

Based on the series of novels from Ann M. Martin, the babysitters are back and, as usual, *total* squad goals. Even the business phone has its own modern upgrade.

"It's 25 years old," Kristy says when she sees the gang's corded '90s phone shipped from Etsy. "It's iconic," Claudia replies. Girl, we agree. Who doesn't love a classic?

We just have one question: Which member of the Baby-Sitters club is the *most* iconic—even in 2020? We can't wait to binge-watch the whole show and find out.

Obsessed with The Baby-Sitters Club? Recreate one of the girls' iconic looks—and post it on Instagram!

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by Erin Sargent | 6/23/2020