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Sophie Grace takes us behind the scenes of Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club

Just because you're stuck social distancing from your BFFs doesn't mean you can't embrace the spirit of friendship.

Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club projects love, laughter and the importance of always having your besties' backs. The new, ten-episode series (inspired by the bestselling books of the same name) follows five middle schoolers who start a babysitting service together. Each girl has her own strengths and weaknesses, but the group's combined enthusiasm ultimately sets them on the path toward success. Before you race to the screen to binge-watch, read up on exclusive behind-the-scenes secrets from Sophie Grace, who plays Kristy Thomas, President and CEO of the club. Plus, the teen reveals the reason why *furry* friends, in particular, always seemed to be racing around set.

Girls' Life: How did you first find out about the Netflix adaptation of The Baby-Sitters Club? Did you read the books growing up?

Sophie Grace: I read the books growing up because my older sister had a whole collection that our grandma had given her. She shared them with my me, and we were hooked! My older sister and I have a pretty significant age difference, so I felt very cool reading the same books as my 15-year-old sister when I was six. It gave us something special to bond over. When I found out about the TV show, naturally, I was super excited!

GL: What was the audition process like?

SG: I filmed the first audition on my phone, in my bedroom, with a blue sheet hung up for the background. I was super excited and worked hard on it but thought it was a long shot. A few days later, the casting directors and producers in Los Angeles asked if I could FaceTime them because I live in Florida—of course, I said "yes!" Later that week, I was surfing with my friends, and when we came back to reapply sunscreen, I had a text from my mom that said, "You're going to L.A. tomorrow." I called her right away, and she told me that the casting team wanted to see me in person with a few other girls! When I got to Los Angeles, I met some of the people auditioning, including Momona [Tamada, "Claudia"], and we all hung out. The next day, I went to audition and immediately clicked with the girls. In the end, the told us we booked the roles. We all freaked out and had our first of many BSC group hugs!

GL: What was your favorite part of the filming process?

SG: My favorite part of the filming process, besides hanging out with my best friends 25/8, was being on set. Acting is all I've ever wanted to do, so everything felt like rainbows and unicorns. Every day, I was floating on Cloud 9, and I wouldn't trade anything for that experience.

GL: What's one thing people may not know about being on the set of a Netflix show?

SG: People can bring dogs to set! Not everyone brought their pets, however, there were always a few dogs there, especially in the costume office. Being the dog lover I am, I was in heaven!

GL: How did you tap into your character when filming?

SG: I didn't have to do much "tapping in" because I'm basically Kristy! We have almost identical personalities.

GL: Who were some of your favorite cast members to work with, and why?

SG: I could never pick between the girls—it's like choosing Twizzlers or watermelon gummies! But aside from them, I loved working with Sophia Reid-Gantzert, who plays my future TV stepsister, Karen. She was so funny and full of life and fit right in with the girls.

GL: What is the main message of the show?

SG: Regardless of your appearence, family situation, interests or struggles, you're not alone. I'm excited to be a part of a project that has so much diversity on all fronts and shows people that no one is perfect. I feel like everyone either romanticizes early teen years or makes them seem so awful, it's just not realistic. Everyone working on the series made it so real and relatable, and I hope it shows viewers that there are other people just like them.

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by Carrie Berk | 7/6/2020