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Sofia Carson's new movie dropped on Netflix this month and we are *obsessed*

We saw Sofia Carson's epic dance moves in Disney Channel's Descendants, but her latest project takes it to a whole new level! Feel The Beat is now available on Netflix after launching on June 19 and quickly climbing onto the Top 10 list for streams on the platform.

Sofia's character April is a professional dancer living in NYC when she epically blows her audition for a major Broadway show. Without work, she returns to her small Wisconsin town and reluctantly takes over coaching the dance team at her former studio. She is forced to confront the past that she left behind, including her *adorable* ex-boyfriend Nick. While April's selfishness and attitude combined with her dancers' lack of skill initially makes the situation seem hopeless, what follows is a feel-good movie that you can watch with your parents, your bestie, or your bae!

Sofia's fellow castmates include Rex Lee as the major Broadway producer that Sofia hopes to impress, Wolfgang Novogratz as Nick, Donna Lynne Champlin as the hilarious dance studio owner and Eva Hauge as Nick's younger sister and a dancer in Sofia's class. Altogether, the acting and dancing in Feel The Beat are nothing but enjoyable and definitely make this a must-watch summertime movie. 

You can watch the trailer for Feel The Beat here, and be sure to check out the whole film on Netflix the next time you are looking for something to watch!


by Lexi Casazza | 6/30/2020