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Step up your summer VSCO game with this tutorial on glitter and drip bikini effects

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The key to those *adorable* edited swimsuit pics you keep seeing across VSCO and Insta is simple: find the right app and spend the time making it cute! The VSCO edit trend has been popping for a while now, and with summer in full swing, this is the *perfect* time to show off your digital skills and post fun shots of you and your friends in full-glam swimwear. Nothing pops against a fun beach background quite like a dripping neon or sparkly bikini, these tips will help you rock super fun and cute looks without having to wear itchy sequins or fringe in the water! 

Drip bikini

Drip bikini step 1: Download the PicsArt app 

PicsArt is a free app that you can use to make *all* the photo edits you desire. It has a lot of cool effects, including everything you need to give your swimsuits a fresh new look with sparkles or neon drip. 

Drip bikini step 2: Find and use the draw feature 

To create your dream drip bikini, you will need to use the draw tool within picsart (it looks like a little paintbrush!) From there, you will carefully outline your bikini top and bottoms and then color in the entire swimsuit with the neon shade that you select. Make sure to adjust the brush size when needed to get all the edges of the swimsuit covered with the brush tool!

Drip bikini step 3: Add the drip  

Continuing to use the draw tool, you will then go along the bottom edge of your bikini top and add downward drips. You can put them as close together and as far down as you want- experiment and be creative to see what you like best! It is also fun to add the drips to your bikini bottoms to add to the cool effect. 

Drip bikini step 4: Outline your new swimsuit

Once you have covered your swimsuit in the new neon color and added the drips, outline them in black with the draw tool to enhance the contrast against the rest of the photo. This step really makes the edit look fun, so don't leave it out! 

Drip bikini step 5: Add details!

Add a few squiggly lines across the top of your swimsuit with the black brush on the draw tool to complete the look. You can do this on both pieces of the bikini to give it a finished appearance and express your creativity. 

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Glitter bikini

Glitter bikini step 1: Use the PicsArt sticker feature 

You know the drill: we love the PicsArt app! In addition to the draw tool, there is a sticker feature on the app that helps you find fun wallpapers and images to add to your photos. Using this feature, you will search "glitter background" and select a plain image of sparkles in whatever color you want.

Glitter bikini step 2: Resize and reduce the opacity 

Once you have selected the sparkle image you want to make into your new swimsuit, expand its size and place it over your existing bikini top. Then, you will reduce the image's opacity until you can see your original swimsuit underneath the new image (this will make the next step *way* easier, trust us!) 

Glitter bikini step 3: Erase extra sparkles 

Now you will use the eraser tool to go over the outline of your swimsuit and get rid of any parts of the top image that go outside of the lines. This will leave you with a sparkly layer that fits perfectly over the top part of your swimsuit. 

Glitter bikini step 4: Increase opacity 

This is the easiest part of turning your bikini top into a sparkling suit: simply bring the opacity level back p to its original so that you can no longer see your actual swimsuit underneath it. The result is a super cool effect that makes it look like you busted out your ultimate glam sparkles at the beach! 

Glitter bikini step 5: Repeat for bikini bottoms 

The image that you select within the app will only fit one piece of your bikini, so in order to make sure that *both* pieces get this adorable makeover you have to repeat steps 1-4 for the bottoms. 

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by Lexi Casazza | 7/30/2020