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5 inspiring quotes from Michelle Obama's new podcast

Podcast fans got *way* too excited in July when Michelle Obama announced her latest project: The Michelle Obama Podcast!

The former First Lady has been using her time in self-isolation to put together a series all about the relationships that define us. We couldn't wait to dive in and glean some knowledge from the author, activist, supermom, style icon and more. Below, we've highlighted the top five inspirational quotes from the first episode.

"Schools don't show you the world. They just show you a bunch of careers."

In an interview with her husband, fomer President Barack Obama, the pair looked back on their youth and got real about how schools don't always present students with the education they deserve. Michelle criticized the public school system for trying to produce a workforce instead of curious and knowledgable young people. 

"The average young person knows far more about the cereal they're eating, and the car they are driving than they do about what the government actually does for them because they don't have marketing budgets. There isn't a jingle."

Michelle Obama touched on political apathy in younger generations and reassures listeners that they can make a difference. The Obamas urged young voters to educate themselves on the issues and head to the polls this fall.

"One of the reasons I fell in love with you is because you are guided by the principle that we are each other’s brother's and sister’s keepers."

The former First couple opened up about their childhoods and made the case for active participation in your own community. Michelle revealed that she and Barack bonded over their shared outlook—that every human has an obligation to look out for one another.


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"When it comes to fathers raising their girls, I do think that the average father today does believe that their girl can be anything she wants to be and they are delivering those messages around the dinner table. There is a different way of parenting. But what we didn't do—we delivered those messages at the dinner table, but we didn't take them to the board room. We didn't change our workplaces. We didn't change things outside the home. We didn't institutionalize the values that we'd been teaching this generation of kids. So, now, they are growing up. They are leaving the dinner table, and they are going out into the world and going, 'The world doesn't look like what I was taught back home.' 'You know, this isn't right.'" 

Michelle praised parents for raising their daughters to be confident and proud but states that problems like sexism and racism have to be discussed in the workplace. Until those in power are ready to have these uncomfortable conversations, nothing will change.

"My values— in terms of what I think my personal obligation, as Michelle Obama—is that it is not enough that I succeed on my own, I have to care about what happens to the kid in the desk next to me at school because he's just as smart but his mom works. My father always taught us to take in everybody's full story."

Michelle credits her father with teaching her to empathize and fueling her desire to help others. She passes on that wisdom and urges listeners to do their part in making the world a better place.

by Elise G. Esquibel | 8/10/2020