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7 things we learned from the Chicken Girls Season 7 trailer

2020's been a year of major change—and Chicken Girls is no exception. This summer, we found out that the Brat TV hit is getting a *total* makeover, with most of the original cast growing up and getting older (*sheds tear*) and a new generation of social stars—Hayley LeBlanc, Txunamy, Elliana Walmsley, Skyler Aboujaoude, Coco Quinn, Kheris Rogers and more—taking on the leading roles in Attaway (Meet the cast here!). 

The trailer officially dropped on August 25 and, ofc, we had to watch right away. Here are 7 things we learned about Season 7: 

1. Harmony is your new star.

Hayley LeBlanc is graduating from little sis to leading lady—and we can't lie, we like this new look on her. In MANI's most recent season, she made the switch to Millwood...but we're happy to see that our sassiest stepper is *back* home and reunited with her OG crew: Brittany (Txunamy) and Katie (Coco). 

2. Chicken Girls is headed back to its roots.

Remember back in Season One when Rhyme, Ellie, Quinn and Kayla couldn't wait to join the dance team? Well, it's a throwback no more—in the trailer, we learn that dance drama will be a *major* plot point this season. "The dance team has changed people," says Skyler Aboujaoude's Leyla, and history can't help but agree...

3. Met Bel, your *newest* (and fiercest) dance team captain.

With Birdie (Mads Lewis) all grown up, we have a brand-new dance team captain: Kheris Rogers' Bel. According to the trailer, she's not going to make it easy for Harmony in Attaway Middle School...and we wouldn't expect any less from Mads' successor.

4. The new kids are hilarious—and *so* relatable.


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From Elliana Walmsley's super-motivated Claire to Enzo Lopez's laugh-out-loud PK and Aidan Prince's chilled-out Eggie, we're crazy for these characters and can't wait to get to know them better. 

5. You're going to root for these fab friendships. 


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Back in 2017, we watched a whole new set of lifelong friendships bloom on the Chicken Girls set—from Annie LeBlanc and Lilia Buckingham (yup, Lilia once guested on CG) to Lily Chee and Indiana Massara. Now, we're finding ourselves just as in love with the onscreen (and offscreen) bestie squads coming together.

6. Rhyme and T.K. (aka Annie and Hayden) aren't gone forever.

If you're an OG Chicken Girl, you know *everything* about Rhyme and T.K.'s will-they-or-won't-they relationship (Spoiler alert: As of now, it's not happening). The drama isn't over though, as Annie LeBlanc and Hayden Summerall have confirmed appearances in the new season as seen in the trailer. (We're even spotting late-season CG faves Wes and Astrid!) More than the relationships, we're looking forward to seeing sweet sister moments from Annie and Hayley—oops, we mean Rhyme and Harmony.

7. The first episode hits YouTube on September 8. 

Starting two weeks from today, you can stay tuned to Brat TV's YouTube channel for brand-new CG7 episodes all fall long.

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Feature and Slider images: Brat TV via Instagram. Hayley LeBlanc: Instagram. Kheris Rogers: Instagram

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by Katherine Hammer | 8/25/2020