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Will Why Don't We save 2020? Get ready for their new single, Fallin'

This jump for joy is us IRL, because Why Don't We — the heart-stealing boyband consisting of Jack Avery, Daniel Seavey, Corbyn BessonJonah Marais and Zach Herron — just announced their first single since "Chills" dropped at the end of 2019. 

While WDW put in the *work* last year and dropped one single each month, we went through over three quarters of 2020 without a beat from the guys. They took the year to focus on their sound while we waited for one holy day to break the silence—and today is that day.

WDW's next single, "Fallin'" starts streaming Sept. 29 (just 12 days away!).

Unsurprisingly, we aren't the only ones buzzing about this upcoming release. Within hours of the announcement, the hashtag #WDWFallin was the number one trend on Twitter and, at the time of writing, the hashtag had more than 79,000 tweets.

As evidenced by the outpouring of social posts, fans definitely have some thoughts on the comeback.

In short, the wait is almost over; the start of the new WDW era is almost here. Now...maybe the follow-up album to 8 Letters is on the way?

If you want more than just the song when it drops, you can check out Why Don't We's official store to get signed single CDs here.

by Logan Potter | 9/17/2020