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EXCLUSIVE! Lilia Buckingham is everyone's best friend (yours included). At first glance, her life seems picture-perfect. The whole "a regular teen becomes besties with celebrities" (think: Jules LeBlanc, Nia Sioux and Maddie Ziegler) sounds a little like the plot of a Netflix movie or a book (and, in fact, it is—Lilia's upcoming book Influence, written with Sara Shepard, is all about the world of teen social stars).

But dig a little deeper and it's clear why we all want to know Lilia. She has a rare, earnest charisma that puts everyone she meets under a spell. We talk to Lilia about her love of writing, her BFFships and her current love Jillian Shea Spaeder, her dreams of becoming the next Reese Witherspoon and what it means to use her platform for positive change. 

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Your official-ish guide to party dressing
Think: shimmer, shine and sooo many fuzzy feels. Right now, we're high-key here for unexpected layers, expert color-clashing and darling details. Your new bio? All things bright, bold and a little flashy. 

Allll the festive beauty trends 
Whether you're tree decorating with your sibs, catching up with your camp bestie on Zoom, caroling with the fam or counting down to midnight with your crew, it's always OK to be a little, well, extra. Glittery eyeshadow, high-shine hair clips and neon extensions? Don't mind if we do. 

Winter style, solved 
Yep, we have some thoughts on how to make *every* moment major. This season's top trends: cozy coats (+ crops), lots of layers and standout vibes, ofc. Now's your chance to inject a li'l sparkle into your everyday fits—whether your calendar is full of holiday hangs or not, it's time to shine bright. 

QUIZ! Is 2021 the year of you + bae?
Every New Year's Eve, the ball drops and everyone seems to be coupled up...except you. And, sure, your life is amazing and full and you have so much to be happy about—but that doesn't mean you can't wonder if it's your time for a S.O. Take a look into the future...

We looooove a gift guide…and this one's pretty great. The two rules when it comes to buying someone a gift are 1) Get them something they love and 2) Get them something they'll actually use. The bonus? We've tapped into both to find the *perfect* pick for everyone on your list. OK, OK, it's not a competition...but you're still going to win.

Yes, we mapped out an *entire* day of self-care for you
Buh-bye, 2020! Let's just enjoy what's left of it by masking and moisturizing all day long. After stressing out since basically January, you deserve to unwind. So clear your calendar, follow our step-by-step plan and start your weekend off right with a little "me" time. 

Own your voice, speak your mind + stand your ground
Now it's YOUR turn to own the moment, create space for *you* and make your voice heard. We all know how important it is, here's how to actually make it happen. 

Astrology promises 2021 will be better, you guys 
*Crossing everything.* This year wasn't what anyone (even astrologers) predicted. But 2021 is going to bring more opportunities, more good news and more overall joy. We've got the deets.

Your guide to mindful movement
Mindful movement needs to be your new fitness mantra—because these just aren't "go hard or go home times," tbh. Find out how being 100 percent present during your workouts brings tons of benefits to your physical, mental and emotional health. 

Keep your glowy skin all winter long
Your happy complexion doesn't have to go into hibernation as soon as the temps drop. Here's how to stave off the flakes and dryness (plus, amaze skincare products even Hyram would approve of). 

Read *this* before you snoop
You're at a socially-distanced Secret Santa when a friend hands you her phone to change the playlist. But here's the thing: You've had on-and-off drama with this girl for weeks—and you can't help but wonder if she's talking about you with the rest of the crew. You're sooo tempted to search your name in her DMs...but should you? Why we sleuth—and how to stop.

Say goodbye to these six negative sayings
About to say *this*? Think again, sis. One of the many things 2020 has taught us is that the words you choose matter. Drop these damaging phrases and instantly feel stronger and more self-assured. 

Confessions of an accidental beauty queen
In the middle of a stressed-out senior year, Aneesa Sheikh, 18, signed up for a beauty pageant on a whim...and won. Aneesa reflects on how an unlikely experience uncovered her most authentic self.  

Everything you need to see, read and listen to this season
Matt Cornett opens up about Season 2 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (catch the brand-new holiday special on Disney+ on Dec. 11) and what's up next for E.J. Sascha Nastasi dishes on her new Disney+ flick Black Beauty (releasing on Nov. 27) and her top three rules to chill by. Plus three lies (and two truths!) pop culture told us about New Year's Eve and the 100 percent definitive holiday break binge-watch list. 

 In this issue, you'll also find... 

๐ŸŽ„ Handle *any* awkward holiday sitch 
Showing up to a Secret Santa empty-handed? Not you. Getting grumpy about gifts you don't really want? Not this year. Here's how to sail through this season with a positive spirit and steer clear of any mistletoe meltdowns.

๐Ÿฅฐ Spread the love this szn 
If there was ever a year to spread some extra merriment, well, it's this one. We've got seven shiny, happy, brilliant ideas to make everyone in your life smile big—Santa hat optional. .

๐Ÿ“ Last minute to-do list? Consider it done.
From thank-you notes to essay edits, push past procrastination and tackle those tedious tasks once and for all. 

Dear Carol on how to chat up your crush when you're stuck at home
+ Big lashes are *in* this year, so we've got tips
+ Find your bliss in 60 seconds (srsly) 
+ Our totally fearless 2021 pop culture predictions 
+ Be the life of any party (yep, even the Zoom ones) 
+ The newbie's guide to...highlighter (sparkle + shine, bb) 
+ Allllll the awkward, hilarious holiday moments 
+ Tons of fun and freebies
...and so much more!



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Book lovers, rejoice! These cool winter reads are *everything* you need rn. Curl up with a chai tea and some Christmas cookies, then enter to win all the terrific titles right HERE


We've got your wish list on lock, bb. From the best in beauty to haute haircare and snazzy surprises, check out alllll the spectacular, decked-out December giveaways starting December 1.

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PAGE 67-68: What to get for *everyone* on your list
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Credits: December/January Cover (Lilia Buckingham): Photographed by Sean Scheidt. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Fashion: Photographed by Sean Scheidt. Styled by Jessica D'Argenio Waller. Beauty Trends: Nia Sioux/Instagram. Winter style, solved: Ellie Thumann/Instagram. Self-Care: Aesthetic Baths/Instagram. Own your voice: Sofia Wylie/Instagram. Glowy skin: Emma Chamberlain by Bryant/Instagram. Aneesa Sheikh: Edwin Shaw. Cool Winter Reads: LiteraryxQueen/Instagram


by Katherine Hammer | 11/17/2020