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The top 10 cutest dogs to follow on Instagram

Wow, wow, woof—these Instagram stars are lovable, funny and ultra adorable...dogs! If you want to wake up in the morning, check your Instagram and see a fluffy pooch who's sure to put a smile on your face, keep reading. We rounded up 10 of our *fave* fluff balls who are totally adding the cute factor to our Insta feed right now. 


This tiny dog definitely can disguise himself as a snowman. Mango, a playful pomeranean, is sure to win your heart, one super cute pic at a time. Mango loves kisses, sweet snacks, the holiday season (ofc!) and spending time with his family. Follow for many *extra* fluffy images.



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Norbert is an uber successful pooch—certified therapy dog, author *and* philanthropist. It's hard to believe that this mixed breed adorable dog can be so achieved and cute. Nortbert loves snow, Christmas decoration and warm outfits. He rocks his polar bear outfit and may think that he's bigger in size than he is IRL. Follow the account to see Norbert's amazing personality, quirky expressions and cool life updates! 



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Want to see *many* fluffy poodles on your Insta feed? Look no further than the Muraiyo account, which showcases pics of these poodle pals wearing stylish outfits and living their bestie doggy lifestyle. Did you click the "follow" button yet? 


Check out Miss Maggie Mae pulling up in the barking lot. She's the absolute definiton of hair goals! This fashion forward yorkie is sure to win your heart and make you want to stock up on hair accessories. You'll always find her wearing cool new outfits and (ofc!) hair bows.


Maya the Polar Bear is one of the most popular doggos on Instagram that you *have* to follow right now! With laugh out loud captions (that are a little bit too relatable) and creative posts, Maya not only is a fab Instagram star—she's also an equally popular dog YouTuber. 


A two-time Choice Award winner, Doug the Pug has amassed over two million followers because of his strong personality, hilarious pictures and undeniable style. Doug even has his own store! Pugs are known for having a great sense of humor and Doug is the *king* of pugs on Instagram.


Talk about fancy! Want to follow a fabulous corgi, which happens to be the favorite dog breed of English royals? Winston, who calls himself a unicorgi (unicorn of corgis), is a very regal boy who we can't help but fan-girl over. 


Just like many of us, Scout *loves* to chill, binge watch some TV on his off days and have a bag of popcorn at his side. This golden retriever wants "to make the world a better place, one free hug at a time." Just an air hug from this sweet buddy would make *our* day brighter for sure.



A post shared by Agador 🦁 (@poochofnyc)

It's official: We *adore* Agador—The Pooch of NYC. This refined fellow, known as the Bob Ross of dogs, has the *most* amazing hair ever, and also kills it with his unique outfit ideas. A high class pooch, Agador shows off his luxurious life in the Big Apple. After all, he's an NYC dog.


To finish this fluffy and fun list, we have Tinkerbelle the Dog, who has the most creative posts and trademark ears. Celebs love her just as much as we do. In fact, Tinkerbelle has been kissed by Taylor Swift and many other celebs.  She's a fan of Harry Potter (obvi!), holidays and fancy meals. Tinkerbelle calls herself "five pounds of fierce fabulous fluff" and we can't agree more!

Which pooch are you following on Insta right now? Let us know @girlslifemag


by Camille Campbell | 12/18/2020