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Our totally fearless pop culture predictions for 2021

Ready to move on to bigger and better things?! We can't actually predict when the world will feel fully "normal" again, but we can predict some of the rad new trends that are going to dominate our lives for the coming year. Bring on the good vibes in 2021 (please!)...

1. Triller 

Tech experts are already calling the video-sharing social app the next TikTok. The apps are pretty similar, but there are key differences. Triller has cool AII that helps auto-edit your videos together—and they've hired some top TikTok talent, like Josh Richards, as top executives to help make the app the most it can be. Bonus: Lots of artists (like Demi Lovato and Chloe x Halle) are already flocking to Triller to deliver live performances for fans.

2. V-pop 

If you've become completely obsessed with K-pop bands like BTS and Blackpink, then you're bound to love V-pop. Straight out of Vietnam, the catchy, energetic and danceable tracks are primed to be the next big wave in music. 

3. #OwnVoices

Book lovers are already well aware of #OwnVoices, which has been gaining popularity since it launched in 2018. Essentially, the movement calls for writers from under-represented and marginalized groups to write about characters who share their experiences, as opposed to authors who haven't lived those experiences telling stories about characters in those communities. Look for #OwnVoices stories to rule the shelves—and other areas of entertainment, too.

4. Bingeing classics

A lot of the new shows we've been looking foward to are being pushed back (thx, pandemic), but there's still *plenty* of amazing stuff out there to binge. In 2021, uncovering hidden gems deep in the catalogues of your favorite streaming service is going to be valuable coolness currency (think Twin Peaks, Gilmore Girls [always] and Charmed).

5. Drive-in movies

This trend started to gain traction last summer, but when the weather warms up in the spring, prepare for even more retro vibes as drive-ins become the place to see the biggest movies Hollywood has to offer. 

6. Red-carpet worthy face masks

image: @arianagrande

Newsflash: Face masks aren't going anywhere just yet. Expect face coverings to go from "functional and basic" to "full-blown fashion statement," thanks to inspo from celebs like Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, who've gotten super creative with the responsible—and incredibly necessary—accessory.

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by Kayleigh Roberts | 1/4/2021