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Kacey Fifield just released her new single with Robbie Rosen and it's so perfect

At just 15 years old, Kacey Fifield is ready to make it big in the music world. The Los Angeles native has been releasing original music since she was 10—and now, she's released a new original single with Robbie Rosen.

This is Robbie's first time working with Kacey. After placing in the top 16 of American Idol season 10, he's worked with *big* names (aka Shawn Mendes, Melanie Martinez and Jake Miller).

The single, Last Breath, is the perfect vibe to end the year (we basically have it on repeat tbh). It's all about endings—whether it's friendships or romantic relationships—and how it feels to look back on the days when things felt like they would never end.

For a year when staying in and getting comfy with our feels is our fave new pastime, Kacey and Robbie's dreamy vocals are a whole mood.

"We can't wait to hear your thoughts," Kacey said in an Insta vid after the release. "And thank you so much for the support already!"

Robbie also posted about the release, saying he was thankful for the milestone.

You can stream Last Breath on Spotify and Apple Music!

Have you listened to Last Breath yet? Let us know if you love it on Insta @girlslifemag!


by Erin Sargent | 12/8/2020