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YaYa Gosselin tells us all about We Can Be Heroes

We can't wait to watchWe Can Be Heroes on Netflix (premiering today), so we just *had* to catch up with YaYa Gosselin, who plays Missy in the superpowered flick.

"Missy is the daughter of the leader of the Heroics, who are Earth's superheroes, and [what happens when] they are captured," YaYa spills to Girls' Life. "The movie is about her journey from being an outsider to becoming a leader as she assembles a group of other kid Heroics to rescue their parents from alien invaders. I often feel like I don't fit in, but I press on nonetheless—an important message for young girls." 

GL: Any amazing behind-the-scenes moments?

YaYa: While filming the breakfast scene with my onscreen dad Marcus [Pedro Pascal], he had to take the box of Shark Bites sugar cereal away from me. I am normally not allowed to eat that kind of cereal so I was taking advantage of the moment! My mom caught it on camera and it was hilarious. 

GL: What's your fave scene?

YaYa: I love the battle scene when we are fighting the squiggle monsters. The tightrope part was so fun to film and I love how it turned out. Watching it gave me chills.

GL: What do you hope people *love* about the flick?

YaYa: I hope that this movie gives young kids some hope. 2020 has been really hard for kids, too. I love the message and I hope kids feel empowered and inspired to be the hero of their own story. I especially want young Hispanic girls to see me and know that they too can achieve their goals and dreams if they never give up.

GL: How are you spending the holidays?

YaYa: I am currently in New York working on my show FBI: Most Wanted and it is magical here! I have always wanted to spend Christmas in New York so I'm so grateful to be here. We already skated at Rockefeller [Plaza] and we are hoping for snow! I really want an electric ukelele for Christmas, but my dream gift would be a Leopard Appaloosa horse. I am a horse girl and they are so beautiful to me.

Catch We Can Be Heroes on Netflix Dec. 25!


Images: Elizabeth Pettey. 

by Katherine Hammer | 12/25/2020