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We *love* this holiday bop from girl band Hello Sister

Is there anything better than Christmas music?! When it comes to the holiday season, all we want to do is press play on that go-to Spotify playlist...and it's even more magical when there are some brand-new songs to pair with the timeless classics.

That's why we can't stop listening to "Feels Like a Holiday" by Hello Sister—the talented trio of IRL sisters Gabriella, Grace and Scarlett Mason. It's a pop-powered track that you'll want to blast *all* Christmas morning as you unwrap presents and eat a delish breakfast (and, TBH, one you'll *probably* still want to listen to even when the season is done). 

Rock out to "Feels Like a Holiday" here:

Merry Christmas and Happy Listening!


Images: Hello Sister/Instagram

by Katherine Hammer | 12/24/2020