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EXCLUSIVE! Sofia Wylie takes us behind the scenes of her beauty journey—and we're *so* here for it. Between wrapping Season 2 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and prepping for her *major* Netflix flick, The School for Good and Evil (oh, and posting viral dance TikToks for her 8M+ followers), this inside-and-out stunning queen is dropping alllll her amaze life wisdom . Brb, srsly taking notes. 

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It's our biggest ever beauty issue! 
And it's allll rainbows and butterflies. 🌈🦋Think: highlighted hair (but make it neon!), retro clips and glittery brows. Glow up from the inside out with an upgraded beauty routine. Sooo springtime fresh. 🌎❤️

Spring fashion is our love language 🌹
It's time to put together your cutest 'fits again (yasss). Be bold, daring and unafraid. And if you're searching for your start? We've got fully formed, selfie-ready spring looks x1000. 

Every reason you and your crush aren't dating...yet
Stop if this sounds familiar: Your BFFs are swooning in the group text over adorable shared Spotify playlists and drive-in dates with their baes...and you've got nothing to say but "so cute!". You're happy for your paired-up pals, but you're cute, smart and (not to toot your own horn) pretty darn funny, too—so why isn't someone planning a park picnic or scheduling a "good morning" FaceTime with you? Well, consider this...

Is TikTok skincare worth the hype? 
Maybe. But also yes...and no. We're sounding off on the good, the bad and the meh of some of the most viral practices blowing up our feeds. 
Oh, and we've got Hyram! 

How to be your best self in a brand-new world 
Soooo we're doing things again? After a year spent staring at screens and scrolling through socials, we've all kind of forgotten how to, well, *do* IRL. Whether you're struggling to overcome shyness or trying find your focus, we're here to help you remember how to be your most authentic, confident self when it's time to re-enter the world. 

Decode what your body is actually telling you
Your period has some ~thoughts~ and, tbh, those irregularities (or lack thereof) could be sending major messages about your health. We're unlocking the secret signs (short cycles, long cycles and everything in between) so can stop stressing ASAP. 

Your mental health matters
Saying it loud for the people in the back: There's zero shame in getting help when you need it (or, tbh, when you just want a boost). Here's what you need to know as you embark on any new mental health journey—from finding a therapist or counselor to explaining your sitch to fam and friends.

QUIZ! What's the #1 way to love you?
Some girls are all about sweet texts and over-the-top surprises, while others prefer thrill-seeking dates, a shared sense of silly humor or low-key thoughtful gifts. Find out how *you* want your baes and besties to show you love...and how to put those vibes out into the world. 

Stop. Procrastinating. Forever.  
We've all been there: You totally intended to get that science project done weeks ago when it was assigned but, well, you didn't. With the deadline now just hours away, you could get to work...or you could bake M&M brownies. Here's how to break the cycle—because you deserve to feel good and get things done. 

This is your sign to become a plant mom 
Caring for gorgeous greenery is equal parts science and art. We've got all the deets on the plant that's perfect for your personality (hint: if you're not a morning person, don't get a snake plant) and a step-by-step guide to getting started. 

"I starved myself for almost four years"—Brooke Butler tells her story 
Actress and singer Brooke Butler, 18, opens up in this vulnerable essay about her struggles with anorexia, binge eating, body dysmorphia and disordered eating recovery—and what she hopes others can learn from her experience. 

Plan the ultimate spring break staycation 
Travel plans on hold this year? Don't worry, home is where it's happening—and you don't need to go globetrotting to reap the rewards of an epic adventure, artsy excursion or beachy retreat. Here's how to map out the ideal anti-getaway right in your own backyard...

QUIZ! Are you a serial bestie? 
We all know one: The girl who changes best friends the way other girls change phone cases. Whether we realize it or not, some gals are guilty of flying through friendships faster than Taylor Swift puts out albums she penned in the woods. Question is: Could that girl be you? Take our latest friendship quiz to find out...

Why March 21 is going to change ~*everything*~
According to astrology, the spring equinox is the *real* new year. This season is all about fresh starts, decluttering and cutting toxic energy out of your life. Discover the deep clean you need this Aries szn, from bold social moves (Gemini) to live-on-the-edge fashion vibes (Capricorn). 

Everything you need to see, read, watch and listen to this spring 
Sawyer Sharbino dishes on his dream date, *everything* his girl besties have taught him...and how his squad and sisters inspired his soulful single "Put You First"Ruth Righi spills on Season 3 of Disney Channel's Sydney to the Max (premiering March 19), handling microaggressions and her ~feels~ on '90s fashion vibes. Plus, take our personalized quiz for your perfect spring break streaming sched, discover if Olivia Rodrigo or Jungkook would be your celeb BFF (it's hard to choose, we know) and pick your next spring read (adventure? fantasy? romance?)...based on your favorite aesthetic flower, ofc. 🌻🌺

In this issue, you'll also find... 

🎉Unstoppable confidence boosters 
It's when your vision board starts coming true or you get a compliment on that outfit you pulled together in 30 seconds—we've got 10 silly (but serious) mood boosters to add a spark to your spring.

💞It's time to spring clean your love life (srsly)
Your room isn't the only thing that could stand a good scrub to start the season. Rearrange, organize and let some fresh air into your relationships with these foolproof tips (and learn when it's OK to leave something a little bit messy).

🍉Your feel-good fragrance 
So your sense of smell can meaningfully affect your mood, thanks to a brain connection to memories and emotions. Find out *exactly* how to make it work for you (ft. essential oils, aromatherapy and more). 

👟 Ditch your dusty workout excuses (+ find motivation anytime, anywhere) 
It's time to nix the lingering negative thoughts that are getting in the way of your healthier life. Experts who've heard it *all* offer their best advice to shift your thinking and get yourself (literally) in gear.

🌟 Sooo, we found out how you're going to be famous 
Raise your hand if you've ever spent an afternoon (completely validly) daydreaming about Hollywood hangouts, red carpets and ring lights (and being verified, ofc)? Take our mini quizzes to uncover your personal path to celeb status...

+ Dear Carol on figuring out if you are "just friends"
+ Mini purses to pair with all your fire 'fits (so cute)
+ The '60s are your hair lewks, that is
+ Build your *perfect* period mood board (quiz here!
+ A step-by-step guide to cleaning your makeup brushes
+ Allllll the awkward crush moments 
+ Tons of fun and freebies
...and so much more!



From far-out fantasies to page-turning romances and contemporary classics, we've got *every* amaze book you're going to want to add to your TBR list this spring. Check out our current must-reads and enter to win them all right HERE.


We don't believe in beauty *secrets*. Instaed, we love to flaunt our faves and show you exactly how to get happy hair, silky skin and that oh-so-natural glow we're all craving. Read up and shop the entire guide (plus, enter to win a basket of all our picks starting Apr. 1!) HERE.


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PAGE 6: On the APRIL calendar...
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Credits: February/March 2021 cover (Sofia Wylie): Photographed by MANICPROJECT. Styled by Wilford Lenov. On-set styling by Whitney Brielle. Hair by Angelina Panelli. Makeup by Mylah Morales for @SixK.LA. 

Spring Fashion: Photographed by Sean Scheidt. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair: Best self: Period: Mental health: Love Vibe: Planner: Plant: Brooke:  Horoscopes: Sawyer: Books: Beauty Awards: Sean Scheidt.

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