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EXCLUSIVE! Behind-the-scenes moments with the cast of Yes Day

Imagine a day where your family said yes to everything—from minor hilarious hijinks to all-out extravangant experiences. Well, that's exactly what Nando and Ellie Torres experience in Netflix's brand-new comedy Yes Day (streaming March 12).

We *had* to chat with Julian Lerner and Everly Carganilla, who play Nando and Ellie in the flick (which also stars Jennifer Garner, Jenna Ortega and Édgar Ramírez), about behind-the-scenes moments, their own personal "Yes Days" and so much more.


Girls' Life: How do you connect to your character?

Julian: Nando is so fun, upbeat, caring, funny, up for anything and kind. He's really energetic and excited. I relate to him in all those ways.

Everly: Ellie's funny, I'm funny. She's talented, I'm talented. Well, everybody is talented! She's scientific and crazy and I can relate to her in 10,000 different ways. I think everyone can relate to Ellie and Nando because of how [silly] they can be.

Girls' Life: Favorite scene to film? 

Julian: Definitely the roller coaster scene! I love roller coasters, especially going upside down. So the tech side of filming was amazing. They put cameras in front of the roller coasters. We got to sit in the front every time and rode, like, six times in a row.

Everly: The foam! There were kids sliding down the stairs, jumping off tables, jumping on coaches and beds, foam exploding out of the toilet. It was crazy that day.

Girls' Life: What did you learn from your older cast members?

Julian: Jennifer Garner is so kind, loving and caring, and she brings those qualities into every situation. It really set the tone for the [cast]. I'm trying to do that in every future opportunity. 

And Édgar is so cool, and he's a big role model for me. When we were shooting the party scene, he gave me some really great advice. I was getting stressed if I messed up a line and would beat myself up about it or get really frustrated with myself. And I'd always say sorry if I messed up. And he said, "You know, it's OK.  You can just take a deep breath and calm down. Recenter yourself." And I said, "Really? There's, like, a hundred people around me." And he said, "Yeah, that's fine. There are a hundred people around. That's OK." It was amazing to hear that from such an accomplished actor. To know that he still messes up and takes a deep breath. He's so cool.

Everly: I remember filming for the car wash and the foam, I was scared those days, but the crew and the cast were there to help me. They were like, "You got this! We believe in you." 

Girls' Life: So, where would you go on your own Yes Day?

Everly: Disneyland and, of course, Magic Mountain. I'd love to spend it with family and friends.

Julian: I'd definitely order from my favorite ramen restaurant. I'm a big Marvel fan so I'd watch all those movies start to finish. And without [the pandemic], I'd go to Legoland and a Green Day concert and just spend quality time with my family.

Girls' Life: What do you hope people love about the movie?

Julian: I think it's important for kids and teens to see that they can make good choices but they can also screw up sometimes. And it's OK. I love the Torres family and their Yes Day. It gives them space for [those decisions] to happen and ultimately brings the family closer together at the end. The big thing is that it doesn't matter what you do—it matters who's by your side.

Catch Yes Day on Netflix starting March 12!

Top Image: @yesdaynetflix/Instagram.

by Katherine Hammer | 3/12/2021