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Kacey Fifield's new single "Confused" gets us in our feels

Teen singer Kacey Fifield (P.S. This amaze artist is also part of our Bestie Book Club!) is bringing *all* the emotions with her newest single "Confused" (you can stream it here starting March 26). We got the deets from Kacey herself on what inspired this track, the lyrics that get her in her feels and what she's learned from this unexpected year.

On "Confused": 

"The circumstances of 2020 left me feeling confused and overwhelmed. I think that a lot of people felt the same way. So I wanted to express those feelings through the song. One lyric I love is "going around and around, I can't slow it down / This world shook me to the core." It really describes the world nowadays—so much happening and it can make your head spin if you really think about it. I hope that when people listen to it they feel understood but also hopeful for the future. Things will get better, even if you're struggling right now."  

On the artists who inspire her sound:

"I'd say my overall vibe is pop with some EDM influences. I try to write music based on how I feel and what I'm noticing around me. Victoria Justice was definitely someone who inspired me to get started. I'd watch Victorious and be like, these songs are really great, I want to sing them and come up with something similar. I also really love Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish, they're so talented with amazing voices and unique songs." 

On her biggest advice: 

"Focus on yourself and try to go with the flow as much as possible. There are so many outside factors that can influence your mood so it's important to focus inward—pursuing things you love and hobbies and surrounding yourself with friends who are truly good people and who bring out the best in you. Being this age doesn't last forever so try to make the most of it." 

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Image provided by Kacey Fifield.

by Katherine Hammer | 3/26/2021