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5 ways to celebrate Women's Equality Day

Happy Women's Equality Day! This holiday celebrates the passing of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote in 1920. This day celebrates the recognition of *everyone* who has fought for women's rights, both past and present! Here are some ways you can continue the fight on this Women’s Equality Day.

Use your voice 

One of the easiest ways to celebrate Women's Equality Day and continue the fight for change is simply by using your voice and speaking up on topics that are important to you. Whether this be attending a women's march or simply sticking up for yourself in class—never be afraid to speak up for what's right. 

Learn about women leaders

You can celebrate women's equality day from the comfort of your own room simply by educating yourself on influential women leaders—past and present. By acknowledging the contributions strong women make to society and their community, you might discover that the next powerful leader is inside of you. 

Spread the word on social media 

We are blessed with the ability to reach millions of people through social media. This Women's Equality Day, spread the word about change that is still needed in the women's equality movement or post resources people can use to contribute to important women's rights causes. 

Join or organize a club

Another way you can celebrate women's equality is by joining a female empowerment club at your school—or if you are really ambitious, you could even start your own.  By joining a club or group, you can contribute to the fight for equality not just today, but all year long.

Donate to a cause

If you have some spare birthday money lying around and want to put it toward a good cause, consider donating it to a women's charity. There is no need to give away your life savings, any amount can make a difference. There are many causes out there that do amazing work for women and girls—do a little bit of research and find one that speaks to you. 

We all rise by helping each other, so celebrate women * every day* by supporting the girls in your life, and they'll support you too!

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by Paige Mountain and Serena Sherwood | 8/27/2021