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6 shows you didn't realize were actually reboots

If you're just like us, you've been rewatching your fave comfort shows non-stop this fall. There are so many cinematic universes that may be years in the making and we're here to break down 6 shows you may not have realized were actually reboots. TV shows are the perfect watch for hanging with your besties or taking a mental break after a long school day, so try checking out these older versions of shows that we already know you'll love.

1. Girl Meets World 

You may think of Cory and Topanga as the parents of Riley and Auggie Matthews, but back in the day they were best friends in high school running away from Mr. Feeny and growing up with Shawn. Boy Meets World follows Cory and Topanga as they grow up together and fall in love with each other, which is the perfect watch for finding some couple goals inspiration. Girl Meets World captures the same family energy as the original series and includes just as many goofy moments to obsess over while you watch. 

2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

While Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is loosely based on the original Sabrina The Teenage Witch series, we have to mention the iconic parallels and references between the two shows. You may be used to seeing Ross Lynch as Harvey Kinkle, but the O.G. Harvey was just as charming. Sabrina's cat Salem was always causing trouble, and Melissa Joan Hart(Sabrina) had the perfect 90's style. You may even recognize some spells from the original show and Sabrina's signature blonde hair.

3. Fuller House

Fuller House has given us so many good laughs and iconic characters, but you may not know that D.J. and Stephanie Tanner were growing up in the 90s while stirring up trouble with Uncle Joey and Jesse. The original Full House shows the beginnings of the Tanner family, from childhood to teenagers, and now Fuller House explores their kids' adulthood. Rewatch the O.G. show to she D.J. and Kimmy Gibbler's iconic adventures, Michelle and Uncle Jesse's adorable moments and watch Stephanie grow up into the icon that she is today. 

4. Raven's Home

Before Raven and Chelsea were killing it as moms, they were running around the halls of their high school stirring up drama. That's So Raven follows the characters as they navigate high school, friendship and all the funny moments of being close with your family. Raven has been getting visions since the early 2000's and Raven's Home is the perfect continuation of her story to creating a family of her own. 

5. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series 

Before we were obsessed over the "I love you" scene between Ricky and Nini in HSMTMTS, we were dreaming about dancing in the rain like Troy and Gabriella in "Can I Have This Dance". The O.G. High School Musical movies brought us the soundtrack to so many karaoke nights and, of course, the perfect relationship goals. While HSMTMTS season 1 directly alludes to the magic of the original movies, the show continues to embody the series' continues to challenge the status quo and bring us a whole new group of Wildcats to obsess over. 

6. iCarly

And 1-2-3, iCarly is back and better than ever. The O.G. gave us so many silly anecdotes like spaghetti tacos, random dancing, and bagels on a stick. The iCarly reboot features most of the original cast and continues to explore that the gang is up to now that their adults. Both series bring so much laughter and funny moments, which is perfect for curing a bad day or hard week. 

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by Jasmine Robinson | 11/16/2021