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Bop or flop: Beyoncé's Renaissance album

It's finally here: Queen Bey recently dropped her seventh album, Renaissance. Ofc, it wouldn't be an album release without a little drama—the album was leaked 36 hours before the planned release. But the beehive is loyal and waited to take a listen. Was it worth the wait? Read on to find out if Renaissance was a bop or flop.

The Inspo

Beyoncé has been working on this album for years, and it's all about confidence, freedom and female empowerment. This album has all different genres: rap, reggae, pop...and soft music to hype music.

Initial thoughts? The album is a BOP! If you need a good road trip playlist, this album can run for days on repeat.

Songs 1-5

These first five songs open the album with *all* the confidence. You start out slow, gradually speeding up through the transitions between songs. (AKA the perfect songs for your daily "that girl" neighborhood walk.)

Hit Single - BREAK MY SOUL


This hit single has been surging through the Billboard 100. It's about standing up for yourself and living your life for you. Beyoncé particularly describes being strong enough to not let anything or anyone break your soul. So when those Lululemon shorts were out of stock or you were late for school in the morning, this is the song to listen to!

Songs 7-9

When you're in a calm mood or simply just in your feels, these three songs will make you feel all the emotions. They range from gospel with a hint of rap, followed by the softest song on the album, "Plastic Off the Sofa".

Songs 10-16

These songs will have anybody hype—your mom, your bestie, your grandma and maybe even your dog. They have the happiest vibes and can push you through literally anything, even that tiring 45-minute leg workout routine (score!). Need a song to wake you up? "Move" will have you boosted and ready to take on the day.

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by Taylor Hancock | 8/16/2022