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What you need to know before watching Never Have I Ever season four

The last season of Never Have I Ever is *finally* here, and we couldn't be more excited to follow Devi through her senior year. 

Season three left off on a shocking note when Devi hit up Ben in a cliff-hanging final scene. But, if you don't remember much of the previous seasons, here are three moments from season catch up on before hopping on your binge.

1. Devi starts dating Des, son of Nalini's friend. While they shared some totally swoon-worthy moments (we were so there for it), their relationship was done for when Des's mom didn't want any of Devi's emotional baggage impacting Des's future. We know, we know, it was a frustrating moment for us all.

2. Toward the end of the season, Devi gets an opportunity to spend her senior year at a boarding school in Colorado. While she actually loves it, Devi ultimately decides to stay in Sherman Oaks to have more time with her mom while she can. Best mother-daughter moment!

3. That brings us to Paxton's graduation speech, which was *such* a cute nod to Devi. While Devi and Paxton ended on good terms this episode, Devi realizes she has the hots for Ben. 

The season 4 trailer picks up where Devi and Ben left off but, from what we know, Paxton is still very much in the picture—not to mention a new potential love interest. 

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by Anne Chen | 6/10/2023