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Summer Concert: Safe & Sound

With tons of summer concerts coming your way, you’ll have a killer time rockin’ with your besties over break. But while squeezing your way to the front of the crowd to touch that cute lead singer’s hand may be your number one concern, remember to be safe! Here are some must-do tips…

Nix flip-flops. Wearing the summer footwear staple may be perfect for the pool, the dirt and gravel grounds that usually accompany outdoor festivals will have your feet hating life by the time the second band hits the stage. Hello, stepped-on toes! Opt for comfy and stylish sneakers, like Vans, Converse or Nikes, instead.

Be smart about jewelry choices, too. Dangling or hoop earrings could easily be pulled and tugged on. Studs are perfect for concerts. Also, avoid long necklaces, too The basic shorts and a t-shirt combo make a perfect concert outfit.

So your parents decide to tag along because they’re not comfy with you flying solo. Instead of being embarrassed, check out how many other ‘rents you see. There will be plenty of other Moms and Dads, so don’t feel like you’re the only one. If you and your BFF want to venture off by yourselves, make sure to get permission. Your parents just want to make sure you’re safe.

At the Van’s Warped Tour, there’s even a special “reverse daycare” tent where your ‘rents can chill out (literally, it’s got AC!) while you watch your favorite bands. Always keep your cell phone close at hand and check in. So your mom’s not cool with you wandering off? Hang in there, and don’t let that keep you from enjoying the show!

If your parents hang back and let you go off with friends, make sure that you have charged cell phones with an updated contact list. It’s extremely simple to lose each other in a crowd, so you should pick a meeting point after the band’s set (like the concession stand near the entrance or outside the ladies’ bathroom). A really easy way to stay together in a crowd? Link arms.

Figuring out exactly what to bring with you to a concert can be tricky. Determining what to stash in your purse (or even if you should take a purse) always depends on the type of concert and where you’re sitting (or standing).

If possible, ditch your purse for most concerts in favor of pants or shorts with pocket space. The fewer things you have to worry about losing, the better. Keep cell, cash and ID (if you have one) in your pockets. Still worried stuff will fall out? Safety pin your pocket closed for care-free storage.

If you just have to bring a purse, choose the smallest one and one that you wouldn’t mind getting a dirty (drinks spill, people get sweaty). If you think you may have a chance to meet the band, remember to bring a Sharpie and paper for an autograph! Don’t forget a cam, too.

Sunscreen is also super important at an outdoor event. Protect your pretty skin by bringing a high SPF, water-proof sunscreen, and remember to reapply it often throughout the day. Farmers’ tans are so not cute!

So of course you know you need some dough to spend on food and merch, but how much should you bring? You never want to walk around with a ton of cash, so try to predict how much you’ll spend. Remember that any food or drinks at concerts will be majorly pricey.

Most importantly, most venues don’t let you bring in your own food or drink, and when you’re outside at a festival all day, you absolutely need to stay hydrated. Venues know this, which is why you will find yourself shelling out at least $3 for a single water bottle. Band merchandise is sometimes pretty costly, too. T-shirts will usually cost anywhere from $15 to $25.

One minute you think you’re standing at the back of the crowd, and the next you can find yourself in the middle surrounded by sweaty dudes! How did that even happen? If you ever find yourself in a crowd that’s too rough, don’t hesitate to get out.

Unfortunately, mosh pits and the like can be pretty dangerous for young girls. And if the cute guy next to you asks you if you want crowd-surf, don’t feel like you can’t say “No, thanks, I’m good right here.” Crowd-surfing looks like a lot of fun, but getting dropped on your head, which happens a lot, is definitely not.
-Haley Blum 


6/10/2009 2:33:00 PM