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Little Miss Sunshine: Days of My Life

I would say that it’s safe to believe that all of us can get pretty wrapped up in our regular lives that we often forget about that whole, enormous world out there.

That’s right, all of us are guilty (including myself) of getting so into boys, celebs and gossip that we can easily forget that we’re currently fighting a war in the Middle East. But the truth is, a lot of times we don’t think about it because the situation in Iraq can seem pretty foreign to all of us. That’s where little miss Sunshine comes in!

Nope, we’re not talking about the movie! 17-year old, Sunshine is a student currently living in Iraq. According to I Heart Daily, Sunshine has been keeping her blog, Days of My Life, for the past several years to express her feelings and explain to the whole world about the real deal in Iraq without the myths and stereotypes.

In the article, Sunshine dishes about her life with her family and friends before the war began as well as what she loves about living in Iraq. In fact, listening to what makes Sunshine oh-so happy, like music, cooking and going through photo albums doesn’t sound too different from how American teens spend their time outside of the classroom!

Interested in learning more about Sunshine and life in Iraq as a teen? Check out Sunshine’s blog, Days of My Life at!

Now it’s YOUR turn to BLOG IT OUT! What do you think of Sunshine and her blog? Can YOU relate as an American teen? Did anything surprise you? And what about what makes YOU happy? Let us know!
By: Katy John


8/13/2009 7:00:00 AM