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Get in the holiday spirit with Fred Figglehorn

Lucas Cruikshank is one major celeb you should know about—if you aren’t already one of his millions of subscribers on YouTube.

Yep, Lucas is better known as his character, Fred Figglehorn, a lonely six-year-old who uses his mama’s video camera to post videos on the popular video site.

Lucas won the Teen Choice Award for “Favorite Web Star” as Fred this year and has even been on an episode of iCarly (keep an eye out for him in an upcoming episode of Hannah Montana, too!). After three seasons of creating hilarious hijinks and crazy vids as Fred, he is taking it to the next level with a brand new Christmas album, It’s Hackin’ Christmas.

GL got a preview of the album (in stores now) and, we have to say, we dig it! The CD puts a fresh and funny spin on the Christmas classic “The 12 Days of Christmas,” where he raps it out about “three Swedish meatballs, two TV dinners, and a little baby squirrel in a tree.” Fred also recorded his own version of “Jingle Bells.” Overall, this hilarious guy gets way into the tunes, making them all his own!
Listen to a clip of “The 12 Days of Christmas”
What’s best about the new CD? The brand new Fred original tracks like, “Christmas is Creepy.” Fred sings about a few holiday traditions and points out some that might actually be kinda creepy if you think about it. “Christmas Cash” is another fresh Fred tune, where he sings about wanting nothing but the Benjamins for Xmas—money, that is.

“Christmas is Creepy”
The creative CD is def worth a listen. It’s a fun switch from all the old worn out Christmas records you hear on repeat throughout the season and is sure to make you LOL more than once. Fred’s catchy tunes are sure to create some new holiday faves among your family and friends.
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Be sure to check out It’s Hackin’ Christmas and let us know your favorite tracks.  


by Taeler Lottino | 2/1/2016