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chapter 1

CodedBY rgm915 | PUBLISHED 12/22/2013 | UPDATED 12/22/2013 | ALL DONE!

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      My mind strayed away from the numbers. The words flashed on the computer. "Warning! Warning! Warning Number 86473!" I thought back to the numbers.

       I am a gamer in training. In one week I will take the final test and if I'm lucky, be accepted into the game. The camps are where I will probably end up, but oh well. If I didn't sign the contract I would be sent there anyways.

      So you saw the number. 86473. That is my number. I am gamer number 86473. There are 10,000 gamers overall and 5,000 are accepted. That means that I have a 50/50 chance of being accepted. When the accepted are picked they are picked randomly.

So what's the test for?

      Some people just don't belong in the game. So they test us and if we don't belong in the game we are sent to the camps. So why all the training? We are trained because once we are in the game we are ranked by our score. The score is created by what we do. So it ends up being day after day of a school like place. We spend practically the entire game in class and around 96 people are kicked out each week.

      At the school like place, we have class after class of studies. The teachers being pre-programmed robots. Of course whats the fun in that? The coder gets to make our lives after school a living hell.

The coder can make us freeze and hit us with obstacles. I heard that once a coder unleashed a zombie invasion on all of the people. Of course it's no fun if the zombies don't hurt you, so they can kill you.

Once you are killed you have been beaten and you're avatar becomes another zombie. You are sent into concentration camps.

That year when the coder unleashed the invasion, the game only lasted a month. Which meant that there were 11 months until the game was supposed to end. So 4,999 people from the camps were accepted into the game and it finished off all of the remaining 11 months.

They do that practically every other year. Not the zombie part but sending in people without experience into the game in order to make it last a whole year.

"Warning! Warning! Warning Number 86473! This is your second warning!"

I focused back on the computer. I am learning computer programming. This is one of the 2 things we are doing during school in the game. The other thing is gym. We have to do physical challenges in gym. It originally started as a challenge that a coder put into the game and other coders liked it so they put it in too. So eventually because the physical challenges were put in so often the physical challenges molded into the game and stayed there permanentaly.

"Warning! Warning! Warning Number 864739! This is your third warning!"

I looked back at the computer. 1 more warning and I have to go to the camps for a day. This punishment is in order to make sure that the gamers in training actually learn.

I type as fast as I can to make sure I am not warned. Hmmm. What is the proper coding for a flood.

Probably flood>people. Nope too big.


Just right. 

That means that I programmed a flood that is the size of how many people there are left in the game. So for instance if there were 1 person left in the game there would be a rather small flood. So in the scenario I was just programming for, there were 5,000 people. Which is a pretty big flood.

 Class continues on until night. Then at night we learn that for the next 6 days we will prepare for challenges the coder throws at us.

As I slowly drift off into sleep  I truly beleive that I will make it.

33 31
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