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We’re presenting our beauty MVPs of this year so your face card... and hair card...and mani card...never, ever declines again.

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Fun In by Sun In Temporary Hair Color, $10,

BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Own your main character ’90s rockstar moment...minus the maintenance. We’re talking bright, mess-free color that you simply brush in and rinse out for fierce hair on the fly.

WHY WE LOVE IT Fun In by Sun In is here for a good time—not for a long time. It washes out with one shampoo and works on all hair types. Already forayed into the world of dye? Fear not: It’s completely safe for color-treated tresses.


Healthy + Happy Essentials Clarifying Facial Serum, $18,

BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Reaching for Healthy + Happy Essentials Clarifying Facial Serum is pretty much the best way to show some love (and some spa-level moisture) to stressed-out skin. (Psst: It works its magic on breakouts, too.)

WHY WE LOVE IT Green tea and ceramides (translation: hydrating heroes) come together to create this fast-absorbing and super nourishing serum. Girls with combination skin will adore this product’s A+ balancing act: It effectively clarifies and balances while supporting barrier function for a clearer, calmer complexion.


The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser, $12,

BEAUTY BREAKDOWN The secret to a 24/7 gorgeous glow all starts with skincare. The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser softens and brightens without harsh chemicals, leaving you to reap the radiant results.

WHY WE LOVE IT This baby is gentle enough for your a.m. *and* p.m. cleansing seshes. Combining supercharged ingredients (hellooo, hydrating rice water) into a creamy formula, it lathers like a dream. As if we weren’t already in love, she’s vegan, too!


Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish, $12,

BEAUTY BREAKDOWN A nail trend that’s basically a combo of sunshine and ~sorcery~? Count us in. This color-changing polish transforms as it soaks up the sun’s rays, making over your mani in literally seconds.

WHY WE LOVE IT We’re geeking out over the idea of two hues in one bottle—and the cool science behind it. Del Sol’s Color-Changing Nail Polish uses Spectrachrome molecules that react to the sun’s UV waves to switch up the shades. With endless vibrant duos, you’ll never run out of pretty pairings.


RapidLash RapidGlam Lash Enhancing Mascserum, $35,

BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Gone are the days of weighing down your natural lashes with a million coats of heavy mascara (plus goopy primer, ick). Enter: a product that delivers serum, primer and the boldest black pigment in just one swipe.

WHY WE LOVE IT Not only will RapidGlam Lash Enhancing Mascserum free up room in your beauty bag, it’ll condition, fortify and curl for a fluttery slay. Get ready for longer-looking lashes in as little as six weeks (and, ofc, all the compliments).


CHI Vibes “You Go, Curl” 1.25” Curling Iron, $112,

BEAUTY BREAKDOWN OK, be honest, have you ever seen a more aesthetic hair tool? But the rose gold plates and tie-dye handle aren’t just for looks: This iron’s 1.25” barrel hits that “not too tight, but not too loose” curl sweet spot.

WHY WE LOVE IT You have total control with CHI Vibes “You Go, Curl” Iron, thanks to the five temperature settings and cool-tip finger grips (bc accidental burns are the worst). Plus, the ceramic material helps hair stay frizz-free for dayyyys. Shine, bounce and volume? Yes, pls!


TBH Kids Face Moisturizer, $10,

BEAUTY BREAKDOWN PSA: A no-fuss, natural, oil-free, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free moisturizer packed with good-for-you ingredients can srsly help cut chaos from your life... and your face. Apply in the a.m. for a soft matte finish and all-day beauty bennies. We heart a strong skin barrier girlie.

WHY WE LOVE IT Hate heavy moisturizers? We get it. TBH Kids Face Moisturizer is so lightweight, you’ll never skip it. Start with a pea-sized amount and gently rub onto your face in an upward motion. The vitamin C and peptides will do the rest.


L.A. Girl Super Charged Maxed Out Volume Mascara, $9,

BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Every girl needs a mascara she can trust to withstand smudging, streaking and everything in between. And, ofc, it’s still got to bring All. The. Drama. Meet your cruelty-free, instantly volumizing bestie. Let’s just say she’s got your back through thick and thicker.

WHY WE LOVE IT Need a lift? L.A. Girl’s Super Charged Maxed Out Volume Mascara gives just that and more. Say ciao to clumps and hello to luxe, lengthened lashes—because let’s be honest, your pretty peepers deserve the sky-high treatment.


Miles Fresh Deodorant, $9,

BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Booked ‘n’ busy babes get it: When your week is packed with plans—from cross-country practice to gym class to pop quizzes—you need a fresh, fab, aluminum-free deodorant that *works*.

WHY WE LOVE IT With plant-based ingredients that banish wetness and prevent odor-causing bacteria, Miles Deodorant glides on smooth with no white residue. And the refreshing grapefruit + ocean scent? Basically a tropical vacay you can take with you anywhere you go.


Sun In Hair Lightener Lemon Fresh, $4,

BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Mentally, you’re soaking up the rays rn. (Um, can summer get here already?) But until you’re actually chillin’ on the sand, transform your tresses from blah to beautiful with Sun In Hair Lightener.

WHY WE LOVE IT Whether you’re aiming for subtle streaks or an all-over brightness refresh, this hair lightener makes your DIY sooo easy. Plus, no more sacrificing your hair’s health for highlights—Sun In’s packed with nourishing botanicals that won’t damage your ’do (aka no parabens or alcohol). Just spritz and bring the sunshine.


Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel, $5,

BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Go from “breakout” to “barely noticeable” before you catch up with your crush during sixth-period chemistry. It’s possible when you make Zapzyt your (un)official lab partner. The fast-acting gel is proven to reduce the appearance of acne in only five hours—a stunning feat of skincare science, if we do say so ourselves.

WHY WE LOVE IT Zapzyt’s 10% benzoyl peroxide treatment makes clearing your complexion look almost *too* easy. The max-strength, water-based formula penetrates pores to stop pimples in their tracks without overdrying. Plus, it vanishes instantly...which means no downtime before your makeup.

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by GL | 3/8/2024