The perfect summer date idea based on your love language

Love is...well, love is many things. For some, love is getting a box of chocolates on a rough day, and for others, it's getting a little competitive with your bb at arcade skeeball. We all experience and interpret love (romantically and/or platonically) differently, but there are five love languages that we can use as broad categories to better understand such a big concept: quality time, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, physical touch and acts of service.

When you're in a relationship, it's important to remember not only the ways you like to be loved, but the ways your partner likes to be loved too.  For your next date night this summer, we've rounded up the perfect date idea based on each love language to make sure sparks are flying.

Quality Time: Beach Handprint Painting

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OK, a beach date is *super* romantic, so this handprint painting has absolutely melted our hearts. Quality time is all about those one-on-one moments with your bae, so making a craft with a totally dreamy beach backdrop is perfect. You can customize this craft with acrylic paint or even glitter.

Words of Affirmation: Bookstore Scavenger Hunt


Hearing what your partner loves about you can send a flood of jitters and fluttery butterflies right into your stomach. This bookstore scavenger hunt will have the two of you searching in different book genres (we recommend the romance section) for quotes best describing each other— and ofc reading them to each other. From a simple "I love you" to a poetic metaphor comparing your partner to a beautiful summer sunset, this date is perfect for those who love words of affirmation. 

Receiving Gifts: Trader Joe's Flower Bouquet

@miiisheru using the paper bag to wrap your bouquet adds the perfect finishing touch ✨💐 #traderjoesbouquet #traderjoesbagbouquet #traderjoesflowers #valentinesday #galentinesday #vdayideas #howtowrapabouquet #diybouquet #diyflowerarrangement ♬ FLOWERS X I WILL SURVIVE BY ALTÉGO - ALTÉGO

Is there anything Trader Joe's doesn't have? Building a Trader Joe's flower bouquet with your S.O.'s favorite flowers (or favorite colors if they don't have a preference) is the perfect budget-friendly and adorable gift to make. Tbh, you can make a whole date night out of this by taking your partner with you and picking out their favorite treats as you walk through the aisles (because who can say no to a yummy snack?).

Physical Touch: Backyard Movie Night


Picture this: You and bae getting cozy under the stars with your favorite movie on in the background. For this date, you'll need an old sheet, a projector and your comfiest pillows and blankets (don't forget the snacks, too!).

Acts of Service: DIY Brunch Board


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so what better way to show off your l-o-v-e than by hosting a brunch for your S.O.? For the girlies who appreciate acts of service, this aesthetically pleasing charcuterie board is not only easy on the eyes (seriously, look how adorable that honey stirrer is) but also another one of those ways to show how much you care about your special someone. Extra brownie points if your board has their fave breakfast foods on it!

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by Annika Chaves | 7/8/2024