5 healthy social media habits to adopt this month

Social media: Is it your best friend or your worst nightmare? The answer may differ depending on who you ask, but for the most part, social media is what you make of it. And tbh, we could all stand to implement a few healthy tech habits into our everyday lives. Ready to revamp your relationship with your phone this November? Read on for some tips...

Limit your screentime


OK, maybe this is *not* what you want to hear, but keeping an eye on your screen time can help fight against the distractive nature of social media. We've all been there––scrolling through TikTok for what feels like two minutes, but it turns out to be two hours. (Psst: That's not the best idea if you have a ton of HW to complete.) Putting a limit on the screen time of apps like Instagram and TikTok can keep you motivated to achieve your daily goals while still checking in on your fave creators.

Take little breaks


No, you don't have to quit social media forever. A better and more sustainable solution? Take small and consistent breaks to give yourself time away from the screen. This could mean taking periodic breaks (think: one or two weeks) when it feels a bit too much for you. Spend some time outside, go on a nature walk or hike (as seen above), read the next book on your TBR, watch your comfort film, etc. Going offline—even if it's just for a few days—might be just the reset you need to discover a new hobby.

Be mindful of who you're following


Like we said, social media is what you make of it—and if certain content makes you uncomfortable in any way, it's always OK to make it known that you don't want to see it. Build an algorithm of what you *do* want to see and what you're interested in. Avoid content that makes you feel insecure. Srsly, don't be afraid to hit that "unfollow" button.

Always check your sources


According to some random user on Instagram, your fave celeb is currently engaged, and yet no other source has said anything about it (weird, right?). Unfortunately, social media is full of misinformation, and people love to spread rumors about anything and everything. To combat this, know what it means to find a credible source and how to properly research information. Don't take everything you see on social media as fact, and know that what you see online isn't always the full truth. 

Know that comparison is the thief of joy


The biggest dilemma facing young girls on social media? The constant urge to compare themselves to what they see online. Constantly seeing celebs, influencers and even your peers at their very best can make you feel like there's something you're missing. In the same way that you can try to control what you see on your FYP, those you are following can control what you see from their feed. Everyone wants to put their best moments out there, and comparing yourself to a single image of someone else is never gonna do you any good.

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by Mina Rahmat | 11/1/2023