Your ultimate guide to Sabrina Carpenter's girly chic style

Sabrina Carpenter = *the* pop princess. From going on her emails i can't send tour to opening for T-Swift, Sabrina broke out this year as an iconic It girl with all the glitz and glamour. 

A defining feature of Sabrina is her versatile style. From bold and sparkly to chic and classy, her wardrobe is definitely one we dream about. Through both her casual and tour outfits, let's break down Sabrina's signature style that gives us *all* the inspo. 

1. Wear your heart on your sleeve...and the rest of your outfit

Can you feel the love? We sure can when Sabrina does, well, anything. Hearts are a hallmark of her girly chic style, as they are a signature of her entire tour wardrobe. Some of us may wear our hearts on our sleeves, but Sabrina inspires us to *literally* start wearing them. Spread the love, xoxo. 

2. When sassy meets classy

PSA: Chic outfits are on fleek, especially when Sabrina puts her own little twist on it. With her preppy Gossip Girl-inspired sets, Sabrina makes any chic outfit her own with her bold sassy vibe. Headbands and buttoned dresses? Count us in. 

3. Take the day by platforms

Besides her iconic white go-go boots on tour, platform heels make any outfit feel true to Sabrina. It doesn't matter if she's dressing up for an event or kicking it in denim: She takes any day by storm in platforms. We don't know about you, but strutting on a catwalk in 3-inch chunky heels might just be the next move. 

4. Hair bows aren't just for show

We saw Sabrina putting her hair back with bows, so we went out and got hair bows to match. We're *obsessed* with the dainty vibe that Sabrina's bows add to her hairstyles. Tbh, it's the ultimate girly chic accessory that gives your hair a little flair while keeping those front locks out of the way. 

5. Dressed and distressed (jacket)

Sabrina can dress up any outfit while keeping it casual. Srsly, she takes dressy to distressed to a whole new level. When a sparkly silver set meets denim jacket, you *know* it means some bold business. It's giving dressed up but also "I threw this together in 5 minutes." Yep, we're here for it. 

6. Beret all the way

Berets *scream* chic. Girlies put on a plaid beret and suddenly think they have a croissant in one hand and a vintage book in the other (we're girlies). But srsly, Sabrina is the definition of stylish girl autumn + Euro girl summer by incorporating her plaid and burgundy berets. If you ask us, it's beret all the way. 

7. Glitter galore

It wouldn't be Sabrina's style if there weren't any glitters and sparkles. Sooo it's time to be a little flashy and shiny, because tbh, your beauty is just too blinding. Embrace the bling and channel your inner pop princess. 

8. Pinkalicious yet vicious 

When Sabrina sings "you're so vicious," she does it with all the boldness and magic of Pinkalicious. With a line-up of all the fun pink outfits, she embraces her girly chic style while gracing the stage, and streets, with some fierce energy. Oh it's pink? Add to cart immediately, please!

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All images: @sabrinacarpenter


by Anne Chen | 12/17/2023