We just found a 20-minute workout for every day of the week

Maybe you're a runner who can't stop doing cardio. Maybe you prefer sticking to weights. Or maybe you can't even remember the last time you worked out. Whatever the case may be, finding ~balance~ in your exercise schedule is tough (and don't get us started on the time commitment). We need quick, easy and absolutely-not-boring workouts that hit every muscle group (bc we're strong, balanced queens, obvi). 

That's why we found the perf 20-minute home workouts to match your weekly exercise vibe. Curated perfectly for each day of the week, we're making sure no muscle gets left behind. All you need? A workout mat, a few light weights and some positive energy. 

Monday: Dance Workout

What better way to spice up your Monday than with a T. Swift dance party? Emily Thorne (or emkfit on YouTube) is all about having a good time during your workout. You just happen to get stronger in the meantime. 

This vid will give you a much-needed endorphins boost. Dance cardio hits all the major muscle groups at once while keeping you on your toes with each move. And with Taylor's Version blasting in the background? Say less.

Tuesday: Upper Body Strength

Grab some handheld weights of any size and work those arms on Tuesday. Maddie Lymburger (MadFit on YouTube) has tons of quick upper bod workouts on her channel. We're really obsessed with her simple, easy-to-follow sets. 

Don't have weights? Check out one of Maddie's 15-minute no equipment upper body workouts. Pair it with one of her classic 5-minute song workouts (we're loving her Barbie-movie inspired Dua Lipa dance) and you've got a weight-free upper body moment!

Wednesday: Yoga

GL PSA: Don't ever underestimate the power of a good yoga flow.

Adriene Mishler (Yoga with Adriene on YouTube) is the reigning queen of at-home yoga. Her yoga tutorials have amassed over 1.3 billion views in total, and for good reason. Her calming, gentle instruction makes learning new poses so much easier (bc let's be real, what is Warrior II anyway?). We recommend this Vinyasa practice that has you flowing through each position with a gentle rhythm. Not too slow, not too fast—but somewhere in the middle. Perf for the middle of the week. 

Thursday: Lower Body Strength

We're hitting legs today—no gym membership required. MadFit's 20-min "at-home legs" workout covers all things lower body. Follow along as she guides you through leg work with no equipment needed. We heart a bodyweight workout. 

You might be sore in the morning, but celebrate it, because that means you're getting stronger!

Friday: Rest

You deserve it. Take the end of the week to reflect on your progress and rest up those muscles. They've worked hard, girl! 

Still wanting exercise? Instead of filling all seven days of the week with 20-min workout vids, we recommend filling your Fri-YAY with mindful movement that doesn't leave you sore. This could be anything from a pickup game of basketball with your BFFs to a bike around the neighborhood with your fam. Take this opportunity to get moving with your besties!


Saturday: HIIT

Kickstart your weekend with a good sweat

If you're in need of a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout, you need Juice and Toya in your life. As a personal trainer duo, the pair breaks down each workout into easy-to-follow sections. In this video, each workout section is divided into chapters—so don't be afraid to skip a move you find too challenging. Just keep moving! 

Sunday: Pilates

A low-impact workout that hits every major muscle group at once? Sign us up!

Not enough girls give pilates the respect it deserves. Rather than working up an instant sweat, pilates focuses on strengthening your bod through consistent and controlled movements. It feels a bit like high-intensity yoga!

We're living for the core workout (and epic views!) we get from Nicole McPherson's (Move with Nicole on YouTube) beachfront pilates videos. Her challenging yet beginner-friendly workouts will have you finishing off your week on a high note. 

Have a go-to 20-minute workout video we missed? 
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Top and slider Image: @madfit


by Laila Mayfield | 7/8/2024