10 questions to ask your crush before you make it official

Love is in the air, so it's time to make sure those feelings are, well, for real. Do I really like them? Are we compatible? Should I make the official move?

Before you make it or break it with bae, you need to ask these top ten questions to get *all* the deets on how they feel about life, love and you! 

1. What's your biggest turn off?

OK, we made this one number one because you *need* to make sure your biggest habit or hobby isn't bae's top turn off. If you guys have the same one, then you're golden. 

2. What's your love language?

 Words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, physical touch, gift-giving—we *love* the love languages! Find out how the both of you give and receive love and you'll figure out if you're compatible. 

3. What's one rule you live by? 

Asking this question will help you figure out if your crush's values, morals and outlook on life align with yours. 

4. Who's your celeb crush?

If you want to figure out your crush's type (if they have one), this is a great question to ask. This not only shows what they value in appearances, but the type of person they gravitate towards on the inside. 

5. Who's your inspiration? 

Props to them if they say a family member—it shows their ability to have deep and meaningful relationships. If it's a creative, an academic or an athlete, that shows their drive! Their answer to this is a *must*. 

6. If you made a playlist with your top artists, who would they be and why? 

Before you make it official, you *need* to know their music taste (and then you can make them the *sweetest* playlist). 

7. What's one thing you love to do and don't have to get paid to do it?

This is another way of asking your crush their hobbies but on a ~deeper~ level. Sometimes it's the little things they don't share on social media or with their friends...and that might show their true interests. 

8. What's your ideal date? 

If you're thinking about making it official, knowing their ideal first date is a must!

9. When was your first kiss?

It's important to be open with your crush. If one of you (or neither) have had your first kiss yet, it might lessen the pressure on your relationship. If you have, then it's a fun story to tell! 

10. Do you want to be in a relationship rn? 

Lastly, clear the air with your crush and ask what they *really* want out of the relationship. If it's a yes, then make it official! 

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by Allie Lijewski | 5/5/2024