7 small ways your crush shows they care about you

Having a crush is so hard, especially in the beginning stages. It can be tricky to tell if your crush *actually* likes you back—and, when all is said and done, you don't want to waste your time pining away for someone who doesn't reciprocate your feelings. But we're here to say that we might have found the low-key ways that your crush is clueing you in on how they're feeling.

Body language

Yeah, what Ursula said! Body language can give you insight into how someone feels about you. Good body language consists of turning and facing your body towards the person you care about (either while standing or sitting), maintaining good eye contact and smiling. If you notice that your crush follows these examples, they care about you (yay!).

They respond to your texts

Taking the time out of your busy schedule to hold conversations over text can be a big ask. If your crush is reaching out to you over text, maintaining an interesting convo and answering you reasonably fast, all signs point to a positive outcome for you both. S'cute!

They're nervous around you

Yes, this is *actually* a good thing! Is your crush's leg shaking when they're talking to you in class? Maybe they're repeating themselves a lot and stuttering a little. Take this as a compliment! A little awkwardness is a great thing and can lead to lots of laughs for you both later down the line.

They remember the small details

You mentioned that your b-day was April 3 three months ago when your crush was around. Now, it's finally your Sweet 16, and your crush just wished you a happy birthday first thing in the a.m. They remembered because they care, and *this* might be their way of showing that they like you back.

They laugh at your jokes

We're not talking a polite laugh—we mean they *really* laugh at your jokes. When you like someone, you have a great appreciation for their sense of humor. Plus, it's a great way to get to know you better! Next time you say something funny, pay particular attention to how your crush reacts.

Good eye contact

If your crush is always looking deep into your eyes when you're talking to them, this is an ah-mazing sign! Holding eye contact is the respectful thing to do ofc, but if you find that your crush is always intently watching and listening to you, they probably have some reciprocated feelings.

They're interested in your hobbies

You're sitting on the bus with your headphones in (blasting Taylor Swift of course) and your crush asks you what music you're listening to. You tell them that Taylor is your absolute fave artist and you think the Red re-recording is her best work yet. Your crush listens to you and asks what your favorite song is. Swooooon! If your crush asks what you like and wants to get to know you more through your hobbies, chances are they're crushin' on you too!

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by Olivia Brown | 4/7/2024