Alphabet date ideas you need to try

Feeling like you're running out of ideas to keep your relationship alive, spontaneous and exciting? DW, there is a fun solution to reignite that spark. Introducing the alphabet dating trend, where every week, you and your S.O. can plan a date based on the letters of the alphabet. 

The rules are simple: Week one starts with an activity beginning with the letter A, week two is something starting with the letter B, and so forth (you get the gist!). For 26 exciting events to take course over 26 weeks, we've compiled the ultimate list of date ideas for every letter.

Weeks 1-3: A, B, C

A: Arcade—we all love a bit of friendly competition, right? See who can score the most tickets and win tons of prizes!

B: Bookstore run—it's officially time to get all the books on your TBR list (and spend some time reading them together!). 

C: Cafe—try a new local coffee shop to sip on some iced vanilla lattes, eat an assortment of pastries and talk about *everything*.

Weeks 4-6: D, E, F


D: Drive-in movie—set up blankets, pillows and fairy lights in your car while watching for the best nighttime vibe. 

E: Escape room—test out your teamwork skills and try to escape as fast as you can!

F: Fair—you can't go wrong with rides, plenty of games and ofc, the classic fair foods. 

Weeks 7-9: G, H, I

G: Game night—time to whip out your fave board games (or video games) and do a game marathon.

H: Hike—rise and shine for an early morning hike to start your day. Once you see the fab view, it'll all be worth it.  

I: Ice skating—it's almost as if you're flying...but instead, you're gliding on ice! 

Weeks 10-12: J, K, L 


J: Jewelry making—to symbolize your forever bond, stop by the craft store and make some DIY bracelets and necklaces to wear together. 

K: Karaoke—go all out singing your fave songs and dancing the night away! Make your own disco set up at home, or go to a karaoke place.

L: Live music—whether it's at a music festival, your fave artist's concert or at a local gig.

Weeks 13-15: M, N, O

M: Mini golf—see who can get a hole-in-one first!

N: Netflix night—if you've had a long week, netflix and chill with your S.O. is perf to unwind while watching a rom-com movie or comfort TV show.

O: Ocean—make it a beach date and end the night with a peaceful ocean swim.

Weeks 16-18: P, Q, R


P: Picnic—Set up a blanket at the park and bring all your fave foods and drinks for an aesthetic Pinterest-worthy picnic. Since this is the day for the letter "P", pair it with a painting craft. We're imagining the viral painting activity where you switch canvases every 5 mins to see what you create together. 

Q: Quadruple date—it's like the classic double date, times four (quadruple the fun!). 

R: Restaurant—get all dressed up to visit your go-to restaurant, or even better, a new one to rate all the new dishes you try (food connoisseur who?).

Weeks 19-21: S, T, U

S: Stargazing—watching the stars and finding the many constellations in the night sky is seriously *so* beautiful (cue our peaceful music playlist).  

T: Thrifting—see who can pick out the best outfit for each other!

U: Unplug from technology—sometimes, all we need is a day away from our devices. Focus on quality time just one-on-one without tech distractions. 

Weeks 22-24: V, W, X


V: Viewpoint—find a secluded lookout point and watch the sunrise or sunset together (don't forget to take some cute photos!). 

W: Window shopping—even if you're not planning on buying anything, looking through the windows at all the items and clothes is *always* fun. 

X: "X-plore"—spend the day exploring a new city or neighborhood, and see what it has to offer. 

Weeks 25-26: Y, Z

Y: Yes day—inspired by the movie Yes Day, try saying "yes" to all ideas and activity requests throughout the day.

Z: Zoo—from birds and reptiles to mammals and insects, spot and learn about all the different animals. 

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by Madison Yee | 9/19/2023