The *exact* reply for every text your crush sends

You've got a crush on your mind...and (yassss) in your notifications bar. But texting with a maybe bae isn't all funny memes and low-key Snaps. From "are you still there" pauses to conversational curveballs, exchanges can turn srsly stressful. But don't fear, your texting cupids are here to conquer *all* cutie convo conundrums. 

The goal here is to shift the vibe from business to a chance to connect. You want to acknowledge the Q they asked, but set the stage for non-HW chat by adding a little piece that's less about page 12 and more about both of you. 

Though it may seem easier to agree (and feel free to do if it's true), your crush is clearly angling to learn more about you—and you can let someone in if you're not being real. Building a connection starts with accepting each other's differences (even if it means you're cracking up at your own jokes). 

Make it clear you'd love a dance date (being cryptic doesn't work here), but don't hinge your plans on them following through: Live it up on the floor regardless (doing the Cupid Shuffle with your BFFs = always a move). Confidence is key. 

They're reaching out (and being vulnerable by sharing), so your answer should match them with obvious enthusiasm. Showing you're interested and genuinely care about what they have to say will create a lasting connection. 

You want a crush who can show up to see you shine, so don't downplay your amaze activities. This is your chance to put your fabulous talents on display *and* make a future plan. 

Ah, exes. This topic can get tense quick...but it doesn't have to. Avoid badmouthing your prior bae and keep the convo short 'n' civil. If your crush keeps pushing? It's a sign to steer clear.

It's so tempting to bond with your crush over a just-you-two thought, but resist any urge to gossip or, even worse, bash a bud. Flirtations are often fleeting, but friendships last much longer—and aren't worth risking for any romance. 

It's rough when your romantic interest is, well, interested in someone else. But don't try to sabotage their potential relationship just because they're not interested in you. Offer your honest reply, then remind yourself that you don't have to hear all about their blossoming bond just to feel connected. Press send...then put them on "do not disturb".

🙅‍♀️ Don't respond to these texts

Texting can reveal a *lot* about your crush, from the sweet (gotta heart good morning messages) to the, um, kinda shady. If any of these pop into your convo, it's time to delete...

They ask for ultra-personal info.

Breaking the ice? Fine. Making you uncomfortable or moving things too fast? Not OK. Change the subject.

They won't give you a break.

Sure, it's frustrating to send a text and wait hours for a response, but people get busy (even when they like each other). If your crush can't see that you need space, they're not worth your energy. 

They're a personal Find My Friends.

It's cute for your crush to send a pic of their custom pizza creation or for you to shoot over the sunrise view from your BFF's house. But it's also perfectly valid to set boundaries. It's important for both of you to enjoy time with your squads sans buzzing notifications.

They never answer you.

Some people are faster texters than others. But when the back-and-forth starts becoming increasingly one-sided, tbh, it's a sign they're just not into the convo. 

They don't show interest IRL. 

Texting can be fun and flirty, but relationships need face time to grow (aka with two people in the same place). If your crush seems like a different person over the phone than when you hang out, you need to bring it to their attention. Bottom line? Don't waste too much time in the talking (er, texting) stage. 

Happy texting, bb!

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by Serena Sherwood, Riley Yates and Sophia Zhang | 3/1/2022