How to balance your busy schedule *and* a relationship in high school

High school relationships are, in a word, tricky. High schoolers already have so many obligations, from extracurriculars to academics to maintaining social lives, that adding a new relationship to the mix can seem stressful. If you're worried that you don't have time for a relationship, don't fret, because balancing your busy lifestyle with a relationship is *totally* possible. Keep reading for a few of our best tips to thrive as a busy girl in a relationship.

First and foremost, create a schedule

If you're struggling with having a lot on your plate, make sure you are prioritizing keeping up with your schedule. Having a visual with all of your obligations is so helpful, as it helps you plan when you can and can't hang out with your S/O. Need help learning how to best manage your time? Check out this quiz to determine which time management tool is best for you.

Communication is key
Having an open line of communication is one of the most important ways to maintain a healthy relationship. If your week is filled with soccer games, tests and friends' birthdays, shoot your boo a text and let them know that it'll be difficult for you to hang out. Trust us, they'll appreciate your honesty.

Third-wheeling doesn't always have to be awkward...

Can't decide between hanging out with your bae or your besties? Well luckily for you, you can *totally* do both. Introduce your significant other to your friends to have the best of both worlds. Just make sure you continue to prioritize your individual relationships, though, bc no one wants to third-wheel *all* the time.

Find the in-between times

Sometimes, you'll only have time to see your S/O in passing, but these sweet, albeit brief, interactions are important parts of maintaining your relationship during busy times. If you only have a few minutes to chat in between classes, find each other in the hallway for a quick "hi" and a hug. Did a plan get canceled and suddenly you're both free? Use that time to schedule an impromptu coffee date. 

Use what you have in common to your benefit

Are you and your bae in the same history class? Partner up for your project on the colonies. Do you both love soccer? Meet up at your school's game over the weekend. Regardless of what you have in common, taking advantage of your shared classes, friends and interests is super helpful in maintaining a connection in busy times. 

Watch your PDA

In high school relationships, it can be super tempting to show a lot of affection—especially in front of your friends. Be mindful of the fact that PDA can make some people uncomfortable, so be sure to listen to your friends if they tell you it's too much.

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by Ari Sheinberg | 11/5/2023