22 fun questions to ask your bae to get closer than ever

Asking questions: it's the key to *really* knowing someone, and it's easier than you think. When you were younger, you most likely asked your friends about their pets, TV shows and favorite colors. As you're getting older, you tend to ask your besties about their favorite stores and fashion trends or to spill their juiciest stories. But what type of questions do you ask your bae?

When it comes to romance, communication is a must. It builds intimacy, trust, and understanding—the pillars of a healthy relationship. Sure, asking deep questions and contemplating the meaning of the universe is a useful way to connect and deepen your relationship, but you don't need to be in your feels 24/7. Asking silly questions and letting loose might be *exactly* what you need to get closer to bae.

Here are 22 fun questions to ask your bae to get closer than ever!


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1. Hard shell tacos or soft shell tacos?

2. If you had a boat, what would you name it?

3. Thoughts on Pythagorean's theorem?

4. Have you ever taken shampoo bottles from hotels?

5. Have you ever peed in a pool? If so, how old were you?

6. If Gordon Ramsay offered to cook any meal for you and you got to pick, what would it be?

7. Best pick-up line. Go.

8. What's your favorite type of cheese?


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9. If "Kentucky" wasn't called "Kentucky," what would it be called?

10. Were you a Subway Surfers or a Temple Run kid?

11. What would be your weapon of choice in an apocalypse?

12. What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

13. Which Sith in Star Wars would make the best therapist?

14. If you could be any plant, what plant would you be?

15. What's your go-to dance move? Perform it now.

16. What's a holiday that doesn't exist, but should?

17. What's the last thing you searched?

18. Have you ever cried while reading a book? If so, what book?

19. When's the last time that you pretended to be in a music video? Which music video?

20. Favorite Taylor Swift era?

21. What was the worst thing that you got in trouble for as a kid?

22. How many slices should a pizza be divided into?

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by Zoe Yu | 10/29/2023