The cutest functional accessories for an on-the-go girl

OK, picture this: You’ve got a make-up math test in the morning, swim practice after school and a study date with your BFFs all before you get home. If this sounds like you, you probs already know how hard it can be to stay organized and look cute with such a hectic schedule. So, what's a busy girl to do? 

One thing is for don't have to sacrifice your style. That's bc we've rounded up all the pieces you need to both simplify your life and slay your outfit. Perf for any on-the-go girl, these accessories simultaneously serve looks and a purpose. You'll thank us later. 

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

This little pouch is the *ultimate* busy girl bag. It's small, sleek and lightweight but still large enough to carry all of your necessities (phone, wallet, chapstick, etc.). You can pick from a wide range of colors and wear it like a fanny pack or like a cross-body—whatever best fits your personal style.

Lululemon, $38

goodr sunglasses

Sunglasses are a spring-and-summertime staple, so it's important that you find a reliable pair. Not only do they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they make any outfit look 10x cuter. And goodr brand sunglasses are an amazing affordable option. Made by runners for runners, these (polarized!) sunnies are built to stay on your face no matter what you're up to. They also come in tons of adorable frames and colors. Our fave shades are called "Influencers Pay Double" (bc they're pink, obvi). 

Goodr, $25

Hoka Clifton Sneakers

Famous for their signature support and wide color selection, Hoka brand sneakers are a must-have for any girl on the go. And if you're on runner TikTok, you'll know that they're v trendy, too. Cliftons are known for being a do-everything shoe. You can wear them to run, walk, workout or run errands. Pair them with a cute athleisure outfit (we recommend a flowy exercise dress), and you'll have a sporty look that's totally chic and totally movement-friendly. 

Hoka, $140

Beaded phone strap 

These brightly-colored beaded wristlets attach to the side of your phone, making your device impossible to lose—even if you're constantly traveling all the way from school to tennis practice across town. They come in plenty of cutesy patterns and make for the most aesthetic mirror pics. You can make your own or check out this affordable set. 

Amazon, $8

Stanley Cup

Move over, Hydroflask! The Stanley Cup is here to elevate your on-the-go hydration game. Fit with the hefty handle and straw, this water bottle is a beautiful combination of a Tervis Tumbler and your old fave, the Hydroflask. With a whopping 40 ounces to fill, this cup will be your new BFF. Not to mention the fact that its smaller-sized bottom was created specifically to fit in your car's cupholder (!!!). Yup, the Stanley is an absolute game-changer. 

Stanley, $45

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by Laila Mayfield | 5/8/2023