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AlixBieber's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   Leo (:
  2.   Belieber, nice, and athletic !
  3.   23 & 37
  4.   Purple (:
  5.   I got one sister, Julia !
  6.   No one !
In A Nutshell...
  1.   P.E. or Language Arts
  2.   Babysit, hang out with friends, go on the computer, go running .
  3.   Play: Soccer, Iceskating & Cross Country - Watch: Hockey, Soccer, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Football, Basketball
  4.   Going on hikes, hanging out with my best friend, going running, or shopping (:
  5.   Lions (:
  6.   She doesn't care how crazy I am !
  7.   I love any kind of fruit (:
  8.   Cookies !!
  9.   San Diego, Cali. (:
My Faves…
  1.   The Voice, America's Got Talent, America's Best Dance Crew, Teen Mom, and any cooking show (:
  2.   Never Say Never !
  3.   Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Chris Brown, and Taylor Swift !
  4.   Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler ! I've read it 4 times & it doesn't get old !
  5.   I don't play video games ..
  6.   Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus !
Style Sense
  1.   Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus
  2.   Hollister, Wet Seal, Forever 21, Pink, and Abercrombie
  3.   Anything fruity !
  4.   Contacts, concealer, and mascara
  5.   My clothess !
  1.   Yess, 5 . Not one right now .
  2.   1 .<3 But it won't happen since he lives so far away ./:
  3.   Athletic, nice, cares about me, funny, and relaxed (:
  4.   Justin Bieber, duh .
  1.   Interior Designer (:
  2.   Vancouver, Canada or New York, New York !
  3.   Hawaii <3
  4.   Give $100,000 to my parents, buy a Mustang (for when I'm older), give $200,000 to charity, and save the rest !(:
  5.   "No matter how talented you are, not everyone is going to like you. But thats just life, stay strong." ~ Justin Bieber <3
  1.   Bothh !
  2.   Vanilla, definately
  3.   Right handed, left footed !
  4.   Theater, you can cuddle with a guy and no one see's (; <-- Oh gosh I'm a wierdo (:
  5.   Neat Freak, for sure .
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