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milkdudeyes's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   capricorn!!!! ;)
  2.   funny, crazy, understanding, stylish, inspired, alive, smiley, sarcastic, talkative.. thats morr than one but givesa HOOT...??!!
  3.   74
  4.   greenish...blueish....turqouise...??????
  5.   Anthony,gavin,bailee,grace,brooke,jacob,rylee,peyton!!!!!!
  6.   Katie Holems....just lighter hair and when i was little everybody thought i looked like a mini Brittany Spears, but idk..
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Nada right now!! DUH!!
  2.   Hanging out witt friends or family, homework, ofcourse, and just bein CHILL
  3.   Softball, Basketball and dance..if that counts ??
  4.   Dancing, homework:P and hanging with friends
  5.   WHALES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rn'tt they just adorable?
  6.   Hes always willing to forgive me and push past my flaws! And feed me cake!;)
  7.   ANything with carbs...
  8.   Stories, as in like books
  9.   CALIFORNIA BABY!!!!!!!!!!! (daddy lives there but not meee)
My Faves…
  1.   Real Housewifes of New Jersey, Pretty Little Liars, My wife and kids, Cheerleader Nation, Secret Life, Teen Mom, Ochocincos Ultimate Catch,When I was 17, So You Think You Can Dance, Betheny Getting Married?, You're Cut Off, Dad Camp,Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, True Life, E! news, E! True Hollywood Stories, and i know terrs morr but i cant rember right now..
  2.   Titanic, The Notebook, Lion King and Bring it On, 50 first dates, Bounty Hunter, Aladdin, Book of Eli, Xmen Origins:Wolverine, Step-Up
  3.   Chris BREEZY, Lloyd, Kings of Leon, Usher, Rhianna, Ne-yo, Jerimih, LMFAO, eminem, jay-z, timbaland, blink 182, never shout never, owl city, skillet, rascal flatts, tim migraw, twilight soundtrack, new boyz(white girls CAN jerk), mario, brian mcknight, t.i., beyonce, and 50 cent. If i didnt have music in my life, i couldnt be the way i am today
  4.   If we Kiss and Esperanza Rising ofcourse. i meen i like 1000's of books but those ones r best
  5.   I really like this game my baby bro-man(family slang, 'lil brother') got me into, its super smashe brothers!
  6.   Dokata Fanning, she is BEAST. Ever seen 'PUSH'?? awsome movie!!
Style Sense
  1.   i like to dress how i like, not what my ICON wears...
  2.   pink zone, ohh yea, 120 dollar jeans, gott em' for 10 bucks, TALK ABOUT CLEARANCE!!
  3.   PINK lemonade.....yummm
  5.   OOO MANNNNN!!!!!!! ALL OF IT!!!! :D
  1.   nAHH im picky..:/and more into friends with beneifets but i had 1 before.
  2.   ONE! And hes the bestest guy in the whole world! But he lives in california and thats were my dad lives i only get to see him whenevr i go see my dad on skool breaks:(
  3.   Sweet, kind, willing, honest,cute, religious, charming, confident, funny, athletic, tan skin, pretty eyes, nice smile/teeth, respectful, likes me for me, and not a player...Oo- DEFENTLIY NOT A PLAYERRRR!!
  4.   Chris Brown and Taylor Launter, Boo Boo (nilis) Stewart, Matt Damon..<3
  1.   Author and be RICH... MAKE THEM GREENS! as in $, NOT marijuana..haha nah im not like thatt at ALL!!:p
  2.   Somewhere in the mid-west, cause even though im from just the desert area, my mid-west ohio blood does come out in me and im a sucker for green and pretty! But i also want a country singer thats religious and loyal to me, thats THE GOOD STUFF!!
  3.   Italy.. Dontt be jealous if your not italian!! Cuzz: ITALIANS R THE BESTEST!!
  4.   Split parts of it for my parents, part 4 me and the rest charity.
  5.   "Dream as if you'll live 4ever, Live as if you'll die 2morrow"
  1.   Totaly Night owl.....
  2.   Vanilla................
  3.   Righty!!!
  4.   Movie in a theater.
  5.   Neither, Im right in the middle!!!! Im a slob when i wanna be and when i get so sick of it i become a neat freak..:)
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      running to the gym. just freestyling whenever i hear music :)
  2.   DANCING is my passion, tied with cheer. plus softball
  3.   Cooler than me
  4.   Run until it hurts then run BECAUSE it hurts.
  5. Goal Girl
      To be more fit and more strong! and flexible xO
  6.   Stretching to be more flexible, and toneing my body in different areas.
  7.   My step- mommy, HEATHER! And my dad, hes my workout trainer..
  8.   Hmm...i'd have to think about it
  9. Tasty Eats
      Turkey,avocado, bacon all this talk with food STARVING!
  10.   Stuffed chesse shells maniccoti.I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD!
  11.   Usally break down.....:( im kinda known as the skinny pig i eat and eat...always hungry what cn i say?
  12.   Friends and Family! Trust me I know everything on it....x)
  13.   Boys and CHEER TIPS!!!!
  14.   Sureeeeee y not?
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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