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Review: Lucky Little Things by Janice Erlbaum

Luck is hard to come by for eighth  grader Emma Macintyre, until one day it isn’t. One letter, with no return address, is all it takes to bring a little bit luck into her world at a time when she needs it desperatel—a time when her Aunt Jenny just died, her life in Middle School is in shambles, her so-called friends have left her in the dust for cooler kids and the boy she likes won't spare her a second glance. A little luck is just what Emma needs in Lucky Little Things by Janice Erlbaum. 

When the letter arrives, it comes with crystal clear instructions and a $20 dollar bill for a little proven luck: make a list of ten little lucky things that Emma wants. But the absolute, number one rule in the letter: do not tell a soul, or the letter won’t work, and her wishes won’t come true in 30 days. Presenting her with a whole list of opportunities, Emma struggles not only to decide what to wish for, but also with how the letter works and who its from. 

Days go by and her wishes do come true...but not always in the way Emma initially imagined or wanted. This story is one of resilience and change as Emma comes to terms with her new reality and the wonder of wishes. 

You can grab Lucky Little Things in book stores everywhere and online HERE.

What would you wish for if you could make ten wishes the you knew would come true? Let us know in the comments below!


by Margot Koher | 8/30/2018