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"I got back into reading this summer—and you should, too"

Tbh, I can't remember the last time I read a book outside of school before this summer. 

And to make matters worse, I used to *love* reading! I remember reading books on the beach every summer until I started middle school.

But something changed this summer—I fell back in love with reading. So far, I've read six books, and I do not plan on stopping any time soon!

This is how I rekindled my appreciation for reading...and how you can do it, too! 

1. My friends LOVE reading 

FOMO is *real*, and before I picked up my first summer read, I was having major book FOMO. The majority of my friends are avid readers, and they would often talk about what they were reading and swap book recs. I felt super left out when I couldn't contribute to the convo. So I started tuning in and reading the books they talked about. I guess a little FOMO never hurt anybody! 

My tip for you: Start a book swapping system with your friends. Trading books will help you save money and give you something fun to talk about! 

2. BookTok authors are my new besties 

Believe the hype! BookTok authors are some of my faves. I scoured BookTok for popular reads, then once I found a book I loved, I read more from the author. This opened my eyes to new books that I would have never heard of if I hadn't read other novels from the author. 

My tip for you: Start with one BookTok book that sounds good to you. Give it a read, and if you liked it, try another from the same author. Then, repeat with a new author!

3. I listened to my inner procrastinator 

Being a procrastinator isn't always a good thing, but when it comes to following your intuition, it can be pretty helpful. I started reading a book this summer and found that I wasn't excited to start reading. And when I finally got myself to sit down and begin, I noticed I would stop every page and check my phone. Listening to my inner procrastinator helped me learn what kind of books I didn't like and helped me find which books I loved. 

My tip for you: Start by getting in tune with your inner procrastinator. If a book isn't exciting you, it's okay to abandon it and use that experience to find a book you can't put down! 

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by Laine Napoli | 8/19/2022