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The Hayley Mysteries: The Haunted Studio: THE BOOK CLUB AT-A-GLANCE
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Calling all Hayley LeBlanc fans! Your fave actress and YouTuber just released the first book in her brand-new mystery series: When (fictional) Hayley and her BFFs Aubrey and Cody discover that a ghost is haunting the studio where their show (Sadie Solves It) is filmed, they go from actors to real-life sleuths. Can Hayley and her crew figure out what's happening…or will their show be shut down for good? Start reading for the Nancy Drew vibes, stay for the page-turning mystery plot.

Hayley and her best friends, Aubrey and Cody, *love* solving mysteries on their hit show Sadie Solves It. But when strange things start happening around Silver Screen Studios (and rumors start flying about a potential ghost who lives on set), the trio decides to bring their detective skills from TV to IRL. 

This super fun sleuth series is perfect for mystery lovers and Hayley LeBlanc fans alike. From adorable illustrations and twist and turns in every chapter to super tight BFF bonds, The Haunted Studio is the spooky series you need this summer. 

What are you waiting for?! Read The Hayley Mysteries: The Haunted Studio now.

Spoiler level: Medium

Did our Bestie Book Club love The Haunted Studio? Read on! Meet Joy, Kayden, Kinley, Skyla, Paizley and Reese. These ~fabulous~ GL girls heart reading as much as you do—and they're here to answer *all* our most burning Qs about The Haunted Studio. 

Joy @joytuckofficial

What's your go-to genre? "Mystery for sure. Plus, I love a good friendship moment—so The Haunted Studio was the *perfect* poolside read.
Would you heart solving mysteries with Hayley? "Yes! I'd totally explore the haunted studio—with Hayley, Aubrey and Cody by my side, ofc."
Advice for other readers: "Share book recs with your squad. Try a monthly book club hangout or swap titles in the group chat.

Kayden @kaydengraceswan

Most memorable scene? "I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! But what really stood out to me was the ending. No major spoilers here...but Hayley (and her crew), find a way to save the day."
Would you be besties with Aubrey and Cody? "Yes, definitely. Aubrey is super loyal, and Cody's too funny. I would love to work on a set with them."
What would you rate this read? "Five stars. I felt like I was right there at Studio 5 with Hayley the whole time."

Kinley @kinleyfullout

Would you go on a ghost adventure with your friends? "Yes! I even have my very own ghost finder because I love spooky things so much."
How would you describe Hayley? "Hayley is such a strong female lead, I see a lot of myself in her. She thinks for herself and always pursues new adventures."
Who would you recommend this read to? "This book is perfect for mystery lovers and anyone looking to get more into reading this summer."

Skyla @skyladisney

Fave part of The Haunted Studio? "I loved following along with Hayley's theory as she tried to track down the culprit on set. Playing detective was a blast."
What makes Hayley, Aubrey and Cody BFF goals? "No matter the sitch, they always have each other's backs." 
Biggest takeaway from this read? "Kids can come to the rescue, too. Hayley and her friends figure out what's happening at Studio 5 before the adults do."

Paizley @paizley_steven

Would you be BFFs with Hayley? "Yes! I loved Hayley. I'm a big Hayley LeBlanc fan, and I totally admire how humble and fearless she is—and her character has those same traits."
Which scene had you on the edge of your seat? "The fire on Stage 5, for sure. I couldn't stop reading."
Are you afraid of ghosts? "A little. I would only go searching for ghosts if I knew my friends had my back, just like how Aubrey and Cody are always looking out for Hayley."

Reese @imreeseherron

Fave reading spot? "I love reading at home with my family. Hanging out in the backyard with a good book is my kind of Saturday."
Which character from The Haunted Studio would be your BFF? "Aubrey. I love how brave and determined she is. And she never lets Hayley down, even when times get tough."
Ready for the next book in the series? "Definitely! I can't wait to see what Hayley and her sleuth squad are up to next."

So you've read the book and you're ready to talk all things The Hayley Mysteries? Wondering *exactly* how the Bestie Book Club works and what it means to be a member? There are so many ways you can get involved—whether it's solo, on social media or with your whole squad. Here's a quick list...
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+ ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Share your thoughts on the series using the hashtag #glbestiebookclub on Twitter and Instagram. (Just remember: You have to have a public account for us to be able to see and respond to your posts).
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by GL | 7/19/2022