Your April transition weather lookbook

Spring and summer girlies, get excited! April is here, and depending where you live, it's might feel like it's finally time to debut your warm-weather outfits.

The only catch: April is notorious in a lot of places for having *the* most temperamental weather...meaning that your early-spring fashion Pinterest board might be coming up a little blank.

But never fear! We've rounded up our best versatile outfit ideas for all those kind of warm/kind of cold/kind of sunny/kind of rainy days, so you can celebrate the new season with springlike fits that will keep you warm—while getting you in the mood for the more consistent sunshine on its way.

The layered look


POV: Tomorrow's forecast is predicting rain in the morning, sun in the afternoon, some chilly breeze in the evening and a cold-but-not-that-cold night. Yep, dressing for April's mood swings can be...tricky, to say the least.

This month, layering is going to be your BFF. If it's time to put away the puffer jacket for the season, go for a lighter faux leather jacket or thin cloth coat over your jeans and top. Look in your closet for materials that can be easily scrunched up to fit in your backpack when the sun comes out.

Sweatshirt and long skirt


If you're a skirts and dresses girlie, we know you're *all* about the spring...until those April showers rain on your parade. If it's too wet and chilly for your mini, bring out a maxi skirt to keep your legs warm while still giving your fit some flowy, sunshine-y vibes.

If it's still too chilly to go without pants, try a pair of leggings or tights under your skirt so you can flaunt the springtime looks even if the weather isn't giving spring just yet.

Cardigan and jeans


What's cuter than a cardigan? (Hint: Not much!) For those days when the air is still a little chilly, throw on a dainty cardigan over your fave jeans for a chic and sophisticated OOTD.

For bonus points, go for a springlike lacy knit or a cardi in a bright color to match all the flowers popping up outside.

Sweater over shorts


You know those cloudy April mornings that turn into warm afternoons? If you can't bear to leave the house in a full sweatshirt-and-leggings ensemble when you know it'll be sunny after school, wear a cute and comfy sweater over your shorts and T-shirt fit.

You can always tie it around your waist later in the day, and if you're anything like us, your arms tend to get wayyy colder than your legs anyway.

Flowy linen pants


When the weather's still saying "long pants," but you want some more spring in your step, take a break from jeans and try a pair of flowy wide-legged pants in linen or soft cotton.

Your legs will still be covered enough that you'll stay warm, but wearing beach vacay-style pants will give your whole outift a happy, summer-is-on-its-way feeling.

What are you wearing this April? Tag us in your pics @girlslifemag!

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by Ava Slocum | 4/25/2024