We've got your spring hair inspo right here

Gorgeous girlies, welcome to spring! It's finally April, and it's ~almost~ time to start thinking about summer plans instead of that Spanish test you have next Tuesday.

Looking for a quick way to get into the warm weather spirit (even if school isn't over just yet)? Glow up your GRWM with these sunshine-inspired looks to give your hair a spot of pre-summer flair.

Claw clip half-up half-down


Are you the kind of girl who always has a claw clip in her bag? We get it—it's the easiest way to get your hair out of your face when it's time to hunker down for chem HW.

For a little extra glam, use your fave claw clip to sweep back the top layer of your hair while leaving the rest down. (We like OGX's Moroccan Sea Salt Spray for easy beachy waves in a flash.) Springtime sparkle + no-frills functionality? Count us in.

Easy-peasy bun


Our fave thing about basic buns? They're a chic way to keep your hair out of your face...and a great excuse to pile on the adorable accessories!

A bun can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be (psst: two matching space buns are one of our go-to looks). Even if you're keeping it ultra-easy, adding a sweet clip or scrunchie in your signature color is a fun way to jazz up your casual messy bun for the new season.

Braided crown


Sometimes you wake up with just enough extra time to try something special. We love those days!

This sweet, springlike braided crown is easier than it looks. French-braid (or Dutch-braid) two sections of hair from the top of your head, then clip the braids together in the back with invisible bobby pins.

Try curling the rest of your hair for a look as perfect for prom as it is for your basic school days. (The Restore & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil, $18 from Nexxus is perfect for pre-curling heat protection while boosting shine and nourishing your strands.)

Sweet and simple headband


Totally adorable? Check. Ridiculously easy to throw together in the morning? Check!

For a super simple dash of color in your regular look, try a cute headband (like this Forever 21 bandana) to keep your hair out of your face *and* glam up a basic outfit. Match the color to your OOTD or look for a headband with a springy floral print.

High pony


Ponytails get a bad rap for being basic, but we're here to change that narrative. Ponys are beyond easy, but there are so many ways to make them look extra glamorous while keeping them practical.

A classic high pony is chic and stays out of your face, making it perfect if your spring break plans happen to involve any swimming or snorkeling (or, tbh, chilling at home in your jammies!). For an elevated vibe, make up your ponytails with your cutest scrunchie, slide in some butterfly clips or pretty pins or tie a bow around the top. And spritz in a shiny finishing spray like Redken's Shine Flash Shine Spray for some extra brightness.

What's your go-to spring 'do? Tag us in your pics @girlslifemag for a chance to get featured!

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by Ava Slocum | 4/9/2024