You Wrote It

An original poem: "Writing in the Moon" by GL reader Shelby

Look up in the sky.
What do you see?
I spy twinkling stars
Floating high above the trees.

I lay here with you
As we stare at the sight.
But what catches my eye
Is something very bright.

It's white, shimmering,
And is very hard to miss.
Every evening it meets the tired Sun
With a farewell kiss.

What a beautiful silver light
It shines upon our world.
We took advantage of this brilliant glow
As we wildly danced and twirled.

I guess we're friends,
You, this orb and me.
Every night we come out here
And meet under this big oak tree.

We sing, we talk,
We laugh at funny things.
We dream of flying up there
By growing flowing wings.

What fun we have
When we're together.
I want it to last.
I want it forever.

So I try to soak up
What I may forget soon.
But I learn we've left our mark.
It's written in the moon.

By: Shelby


by GL Reader | 3/22/2018