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Top 10 Sleepover Songs

While topics and food change from sleepover to sleepover, you ALWAYS need great tunes. Here are some of our old and new faves.
35 Comments | Add Yours

i think you should add tonight tonight! i'm a country girl but i love this song!!

by ckemp on 5/26/2012 6:56:38 PM


no offense, but i hate all those songs. i'm a 70s-80s freak though...

by FeartheFork on 5/26/2010 10:04:33 PM


No offense to people who love these tunes, but I don't like any of these but #4, the Taylor Swift one. I'm more of a country girl myself. I say Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood sing good songs. That's my opinion.

by icybridge on 4/22/2010 5:18:50 PM


Go Justin B <3

by soccerrox1997 on 11/25/2009 7:47:55 PM


I <3 all those songs but I also love "Replay" by Sean Kinston

by Love*Laugh*Dance on 11/17/2009 10:00:24 PM


1.Say your name 10x.
2.Say your mom's name 5x.
3.Say your crush's name 3x.
4.Paste this on to 5 quizzes and your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday.But,if you read this and do not do this you will have very bad luck!When your done presse F6 and your crush's name will come on the screen in big letters!

by SelenaStyles#1 on 10/15/2009 4:57:39 PM


I serously want to do a sleepover party at my house this halloween! But,I do not know if my mom will let me do it,it is usally no. But,I've bean dying for a night just me and my girls hanging out! WWhat should I do!?
Signed Juliet the creative & fabulous!

by SelenaStyles#1 on 10/14/2009 9:12:13 PM


MOD LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fire Burnin, Circus, You Belong with Me, One Time, I Gotta Feeling, and The Climb. I also LOVE Selena Gomez's songs (All Of Them) They are great!! They have an AWESOME beat thats fun to dance to and Great messages bout Everything. I can relate SOOO much to EVERY song! I play those EVERY sleepover!
Taeler L.

by TrippleThreat on 10/13/2009 10:57:20 AM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD me and my girlies are having a sleepover on wednesday (it's MEA break) and we like to stay up most of the night. we usually get bored doing truth or dare, makeovers, gossiping, and watching movies after a while. what can we do?


Hey girl!  You can try doing a cute craft like tie-dying or baking a sweet treat earlier in the day so that you can save the makeovers, chatting, and movies until later.  These activities are way fun and really help get those creative juices flowin'!  best, Kristen

Kristen Y.

by buttercup33 on 10/11/2009 5:33:53 PM


so for my b-day this summer i wanna have a sleepover/dance party!im gonna invite quite a few ppl but only have a small amount spend the night.any ideas to keep us awake and alert enough for an allnighter?o and nice prank ideas would be good 2.

Hey girl! You should get a ton of suger..that will keep u up 
Eryn G.

by Chrissy98Grace on 10/10/2009 2:35:36 PM

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