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Dear Lucky: Friends With the Popular Girls?

Dear Lucky, I’ve been trying to make friends with the popular girls, but I’m really shy. What’s the best way to approach them? It’s great to make...
19 Comments | Add Yours

let me just say this, I am not trying to judge you but if people are catargorizing saying popular, and unpopular they aren't really nice at all.

by sixteengirl93 on 6/23/2010 5:05:33 PM


I don't know

by sixteengirl93 on 6/23/2010 5:04:41 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!! please! okay, my friends are the "popular" girls. i really dont think im all that popular. they are good friends and they are like me. I feel like i hide my real self in school. When i'm home, im fun and always happy(: but when im in school, i become reserved and quieter than my other friends. I really REALLY do not think that is because they are popular because i was even more reserved with my old friends. I don't get it. I really really want to be my real self around my friends. And hopefully they would be okay with that. PLEASE help!
-Kimberly97 <3

Hey, that is a great move. You should always be your true self. I bet your friends will still love you, maybe even more since you will not be holding anything back.  
Kayla C.

by kimberly97 on 5/7/2010 4:56:06 PM


being popular isnt as great as it sounds... yes me nd mi freinds r tha "preps" or 'populars". jus becuz we r tha populars, ppl assume we r stuck up. for real actuallly, my frianns nd i r tha funnest most non stuck up ppl ive met. shure it miight be grate getn all tha "guys" or gettin so much attention. but a lot of drama cums wit tha mess of being in tha main social group. girls threaten to beat us up nd call us tha s word just becuz guys like us.... and btw if ur trying to b franns wit them jus cuz their popular, they can tell. it gets annoying. but if u relly llike them for who they r, find sum common ground w/ them. possibly shopping woud be great fun. or a movie night.

by forever_young21 on 4/18/2010 2:41:01 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MODDD Hey Smile Just wondering, How long does it take for a comment to come up? And thanks for all yall do, helpin us chickas out Laughing Have an awesome day (or night for me) !


Hey girl, we have to read and approve all the comments first, so they appear as fast as we can do that!


- Gabrielle

gabrielle m.

by MyChemical24 on 4/5/2010 1:45:28 AM


Popular girls at my school make to much drama and somehow guys like that i dont get it!

by bff61 on 4/3/2010 11:13:14 PM


well here is what i think about that, being popular is just stupid. i mean i am popular and the "bad" girls in my grade think i am a snobby, preppy, goody two shoes, bi*ch. when i'm not and the things they say about me hurt, but i ignore them because i have my friends that are amazing! They range from really smart girls-athletic girls-band girls-cheerleaders (me)- Everything, but you just need to find where you fit. As for me, I fit in the middle because I need the balance and i am crazy so all the different personalities really make times awesome and fun. Smile

by PinkGirl15 on 3/25/2010 4:00:31 PM


I'm friends with some of the popular girls in my grade. I think that it's really hard to be friends with the popular girls! I mean,i love my girls to death, and i know they always have my back (i love you, JKLGRS&M!!!), but there's TONS of drama! Who's dating who,and who said what to who...
but i just wanted to let everyone knowww, just becuase someone's popular,doesn't mean they're gonna be a good friend.

by friendsrforever on 3/15/2010 7:43:48 PM


GAWSH!!! People, being themost popular girl is hard, trust me, us pops have to deal with the stress and difficulty in our own ways.

by tennis! on 3/6/2010 9:11:54 PM


Okay. Last night my 2 best friends called me on a 3-way and I later found out another girl (whom they are friends with, but I cannot stand) was listening to our entire convo. I got upset, and calmly confronted my friends about it, and they got mad. We got in a fight, and they said I was ugly and pathetic...and other things I can't mention. They are starting rumors about me and kind of ruining my life. It really hurts and I don't know what to do. They even got the boy I like in on it, and he is mad at me. Any advice??? Thanks Smile

Hey babe! These girls sound really mean, and are not true friends.  they lied to you and were really negative and rude to you! you do not deserve to be treated like that! You deserve to have friends who respect you and support you, not bash or criticize you! i suggest you ignore these girls and stay as far away from them as you can. they're not worth your time!  
Megan R.

by converse_girl96 on 2/19/2010 11:15:35 PM

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