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Dealing with an abusive dad

My dad has been physically abusive before and has been in legal trouble because of it, but my mom always lets him come back. Every...
53 Comments | Add Yours

my grandma yells at me all the time. And its getting to the point where i cry alot because of it. And if i tell her how it feels she is treating me she denys it! And ive told my parents but they say thats just her and i need to deal. she lives with us. please help!

Hey girlie -- explain to your parents that it really hurts you the way she treats you and while you'd like to "deal," you've tried but are unable to and that you would like if they could talk to her about it.

Brittany G. 

Brittany G.

by Angel07 on 3/19/2011 11:40:59 AM


MOD Ive been worried about a good friend of mine. In 5th grade she was crying cause her dad constantly yelled at her. IDK if she was abused or not but she kinda had some of bruises and says that she fell or something. I really wish i knew what was going on but i dont. Any ideas?


Hey girl! Thanks for coming to me with this issue, she is lucky to have a friend like you! First of all you may be right that she is being abused! You should sit down with your friend and talk to her and see if she wants to go to the guidance counselor and you can offer to come with her! If this doesn't work try talking to your parents! This one you can't handle alone! Goodluck girl! Stay Strong! XOXO

Blaine D.

by Angel07 on 1/13/2011 9:52:19 AM


i've been through it. my dad verbaly abuses my mom, my sisters, and i. i really don't love him. but we cant speak up about it. my mom is the only one that helps. i don't want to handle it. (by the way my parents have been divorced for almost 13 years.)

only advice i can offer is tell someone about it. not just your mom or friends. normaly guidance counselers can help. (heck mine helped get dad off our backs) good luck and im really sorry

by thisisme3 on 1/1/2011 8:52:11 PM


o im so sorry sweety Frown sounds like u could use a hug , i think that u need to talk to ur mom about this and see wut she really thinks and maybe talk to a trusted teacher or close relative

by M.E.R.C.Y on 10/5/2010 4:58:24 PM


I am sorry about your dad but u need to tell someone if u don't get hurt or your family turn him in

by swinge123 on 8/21/2010 3:49:58 PM




Wow- that sounds horrible!!! I feel really bad for you! Frown I would try talking to your dad about the situation but you might want to do it with your mom there or something so that he doesn't become abusive (unless he would be abusive to her too and then you might not be able to confront him about it). I would also talk to your mom about what's been happening and how you feel and also try to talk to a counselor. Being verbally abusive is just as serious as being physically abusive, and you shouldn't have to be subject to that kind of action from someone who is supposed to be someone that you can look up to! Are your parents still together? Maybe if they aren't you could try to avoid seeing your dad, if that's allowed? I'm really sorry and I wish I could help more! Definitely talk to your mom about it and try to see if you can talk to a counselor or psychologist. P.S. if you follow up, another mod is signing on at 1 p.m. so you might need to explain a little of your situation.

Vanessa J.

by BigDreamer2BaSinger on 8/7/2010 12:47:25 PM


Hi Girls!
Thanks for reading this. I am reopening this club. We are now about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! From food to body we can help you with anything!
We also have jobs available. Come check out the page and if you want a job let me know. (v.p. and anything else is available)
Hope to talk! XOXO

by <3beauty123 on 5/11/2010 6:00:53 PM


The Same Thing Happened To Me For My WHOLE LIFE. About 12 YEARS... But Now They Are Getting A Divorce!!! Smile We Still Love Dad Though And He Always Felt Bad But Then He Would Hit Her Even More And Then Feel Bad Then Hit Her... Again. Now They Are Splitting Up And We're Like YAY So Yeah XD

by Brooke'sBFF4Life on 5/7/2010 1:14:33 AM


MOD MOD MOD What do I do to love me again?

I think you definitely need to talk to someone about this. Please go talk to a therapist. I would love to help you but I think you need someone better qualified than me. Also check out these sites:

And know that you are worth it and you do deserve to be treated better than that. Please do not give up on yourself. 

Kayla C.

by CrazyEmoGirl on 5/6/2010 8:08:59 PM


Mod!!! Mod!!! Mod!!!
Ok, is it possible to get brain damage if you have a serious seizure that nearly killed you when you were four? Note that this isn't evident brain damage until years after when you're like twelve or ten or thirteen or something? And by brain damage I mean disorders like depression or eating or anger.

Hey girl, mental disorders are EXTREMELY common, and don't have to necessarily result from seizures.  Normal people can often develop depression, eating disorders, or anger management issues later in life based on things that life throws us, hormone inbalances, and past histories, genetics.  If you or a friend is struggling with one of these problems, you should talk to a doctor or counselor about it and get treated instead of trying to live through it by yourself. Doctors and counselors can offer support and give the treatment needed.  
Megan R.

by naturallywonderful on 4/19/2010 6:43:14 PM

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