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9 HOURS AGO RT @crystalalma: HEY HEY! My mixed chicks review is upppp! Check out @girlslifemag for the deats! http://t.co/SGrbIiUK5U ๐Ÿ’†๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’– http:/pic.twitter.com/WsdyrnFnG7t.coโ€ฆ

10 HOURS AGO Reason #427 why #GLfashbash is going to be amazing this year? This guy ๐Ÿ‘‰๏ฟฝ@Spencermusic1c1. See ya on 8/8 in Baltimorepic.twitter.com/UDWNpqFIGSGS

11 HOURS AGO We had a blast sharing internship advice (like this!) at the #InternQueenParty DC tonight. #Chicago, you're next! https://t.co/GIv46eETBy


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How to: Look cute on Christmas

Heading over the river and through the woods to a fam party? Pick the perf outfit, pronto...
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I like the flatsSmile

by jalapenos2468 on 4/27/2011 7:07:55 AM


So there is this guy, Eric, and he is a junior. I'm a freshman and I go to a different school than him. We go to the same youth group and we went to a lock in last night. After a little bit he came and was sitting next to me and we were talking and playing games on his itouch and we were laughing and having a good time. Two different people have told me he thinks I'm hot and one of them was his best friend but I think he was joking. The other was my good friend and she read it in a text message. If he likes me is it a good idea to try and talk to him and flirt some more? Do you think he likes me??

hey! yeah just get to know him and see where it goes Smile 

Helen S.

by jesusfreakhrdcore on 1/1/2011 3:32:18 PM


I have the flats! Smile LOVE em

by dolphina10 on 1/1/2011 1:22:20 PM


I love the clips and polishSmile

by gymnastqueen00 on 12/29/2010 3:09:29 PM


i got a visa gift card for chirstmas and i dont know what to spend it on!!!! Any ideas?


Find something you like.

Elizabeth P.

by paramoregurl on 12/27/2010 4:09:41 PM


Where can i get a ruffly skirt that comes up to my knees?
I saw the spring mix apron skirt on anthropologie.com but I dont think that covers the back. I;m on a budget of $15 and would like if I could order off line.
ps, can you suggest a skirt with a lacy floral pattern?


Hey girlie. Try forever21.com or the sale section of other stores. There are great sales at this time of year!

Elizabeth P.

by earthyartist on 12/27/2010 1:20:22 PM


One more question. Why can't I see my photo? Whenever I post a comment I don't see it but if I go to my profile I do. Why doesn't it show after my comment is posted? Thanks!

Hey Girlie , I'm not sure why it's not letting you view your picture but go to the frequently asked questions and you should find out there.  
Paige T.

by kikidee12 on 12/26/2010 11:40:04 PM


Please answer. Today I tried to check my profile and it said "your being moderated" what does that mean? This is the second time today that I've been "moderated". Thanks!

Hey girlie, it just means that your profile is being reviewed.  
Paige T.

by kikidee12 on 12/26/2010 10:54:09 PM


This is kind of embarassing, but i have this redness/rash "down there" and it's a little bit itchy. i want to tell my mom, but we're not super close, and it'd be really embarassing. what could it be? a yeast infection? i have no cluee.. and if it was a yeast infection, what could i get for it at the drugstore? thanks!

Hey girlie, if it is a yeast infection you definitely want to go to the doctor. If this itching persists for longer than a day I think unfortunately you have to tell your mom and go to the doctor. 
Paige T.

by kcgirl109 on 12/26/2010 9:54:44 PM


MOD i think im catching a cold what can i do to feel better??



Hey girly! I would make sure to get lots of rest, and drink lots of fluids. And, if you can, stay inside out of the cold until you feel better Smile


Becca G.

by sparksfly13 on 12/26/2010 7:57:13 PM

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